Thyroid Levels CAN Cause Hair Loss And Balding – Hair Loss Part 6

Cortisol causes negative changes to your thyroid gland. Having either too high or too low of thyroid levels has the same effect on hair loss. The good news is that you can easily improve your thyroid levels indirectly as your testosterone levels increase...

Improve My Hormones & Grow Head Hair

In my last article, I talked about stress and cortisol levels causing a decrease in your testosterone levels and also causing inflammation, one of the primary causes of hair loss.

An increase in cortisol also causes negative changes to your thyroid gland.

This article will be short because the good news is that as you balance out the hormones I’ve mentioned today — increasing testosterone levels while decreasing female and stress hormones — you’ll indirectly and naturally improve your thyroid levels.

Thyroid Problems & Hair Loss

The problem with thyroid is that too low (HYPO-thyroid) or too high (HYPER-thyroid) can both cause hair loss.


However, typically the problem is low thyroid.

Also, you can be “normal-low”, which is not good. You want to be “normal-high” — that’s the OPTIMAL levels for health and aging.

This will give you

  • more energy
  • increase your metabolism
  • help you lose weight
  • and slow down your hair loss

Again, improving all the hormones I’ve mentioned will typically “fix” your thyroid.

Low Carbs & Soy = BAD

However, one thing you want to avoid is very low carbohydrate diets and soy products — both will KILL your thyroid and soy also increases estrogen levels.

Two things you do NOT want.


Okay, so we’re almost done… the 7th and final article is NOT about hormones, but about improving your blood flow and oxygen to your cells – which means better hair growth and bigger, fuller erections.

Okay, so let’s go to the last and final article in this series…

A Fast & Easy Solution For Improving Your Hormones
& Reversing + Avoiding HAIR LOSS

improve hormones and reverse hair loss

As you get older, starting in your mid 20's (yup, that early!)... you start to have negative changes in your hormones, such as:

  • lower male hormones (total and free testosterone, DHEA, etc.)
  • higher female hormones (estrogens, prolactin, etc.)
  • high stress hormones (cortisol, adrenalin, DHT, etc.)

All of these negative hormonal changes can lead to less muscle, more belly fat, a decrease in libido and HAIR LOSS!

And the secret is to reverse the negative hormonal changes, so you can have similar healthy & youthful levels like you did in your teenage years and early 20's - when you were NOT having any of these negative problems.

The best part is you can do this naturally - discover how...

Improve My Hormones & Grow Head Hair