📈 3 Best & Most Affordable Testosterone Boosting Foods In 2024

It’s 2024 and I’ve spoken a few times about different foods and herbs that can help boost your testosterone levels. I’ll give you links to these other articles at the end of this one.

However, I’ve also gotten lots of questions asking if there are less expensive foods than the ones I’ve recommended. That’s why I decided to update and redo this topic in 2024

The person might be on a tight budget or in school, and can’t always afford to get the grass-fed bison or pasture-raised eggs, for example… as I’ve suggested in the past.

Less Expensive Options

Keep in mind that I’ve the quality of your protein is more important than the quantity. For example, animal protein is better quality than vegetable protein.

However, I totally get looking for less expensive options because I had the same financial struggles in my early years.

So today I’m going to keep it super simple and give you the 3 best and most affordable foods that are scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels.

Whole Eggs

Whole eggs are great because of the Vitamin D and mainly the cholesterol found in the yolks.

Remember, cholesterol is needed to produce many hormones, especially testosterone.

Now, I get free-range, pasture-raised eggs. I know these are much more expensive.

So instead, just go grab any of the regular eggs. You can go to Costco and they’re even cheaper there.


Remember, try to keep the yolk runny when eating them. Sunnyside up for example or just eat them raw like Rocky.


Salmon is probably the best seafood you can eat. It’s good enough for bears, right?

Salmon is high in healthy omega-3 fats and low in mercury – unlike tuna.

Of course, wild-caught salmon is expensive and the farmed-raised stuff is junk.

So what I do is get wild-caught salmon, in a can.

salmon in can

It’s easy, convenient, and costs much less than fresh or frozen. It also requires no prep time.

There is other seafood such as oysters, but they cost more or aren’t nearly as healthy as salmon.

And yes, I know “in a can” isn’t the best, but it’s fine.

Coconut & Olive Oil

There was a study done on four different types of fats – soy, olive, coconut, and grapeseed oil.

Coconut oil caused the highest increase in testosterone, followed by Olive oil.

I suggest you use both since they contain different types of fats.

Try one tablespoon of each, daily.

I suggest you eat them raw and not cook with them, if possible.

coconut oil

Now, for these two, I advise you to get the organic versions of both, especially the extra virgin olive oil.

It costs a little more than the regular, but a bottle will last you so long that at the end of the month, you barely save a few dollars. So, don’t cheap out – get organic.


You’ll notice that these 3 foods have one thing in common – they are high in fat.

For higher testosterone levels and optimal hormonal balance for both men and women … For building muscle, losing fat, and just overall health, fitness, and longevity – at least 20% of your diet should consist of healthy fats.

And the 3 foods I mentioned today, deliver 3 fats your body needs – Saturated, Monounsaturated, and Omega 3’s.

If you want faster “testosterone boosting results”, using something easy, convenient and has a 25+ year proven track record, click here – it’s what I use daily.

BOTTOM LINE: Improve your hormones and you’ll greatly improve your life, I guarantee it!

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