5 Voice Deepening Exercises For Fast Results

Video Summary

A couple of years ago I did a video about “How To Have A Deeper Voice, Permanently & Naturally”- which turned out to be a very popular topic so today I’ll go deeper into this subject – and give you 5 voices deepening exercises for fast results.

Genetics and hormones control most things in your body, including how deep your voice is.

We can’t change genetics, but you can improve your male androgen and testosterone levels, which will deepen your voice to its maximum genetic potential.

The good news is that you can optimize and maximize your hormones naturally – so, there’s hope. My favorite natural solution is  AlphaViril – it’s safe, clinically proven, and works quickly.

As you improve and optimize your hormones, you also want to:

  • strengthen your neck muscles
  • breathe from your diaphragm and not your chest
  • have good posture – sitting and standing
  • stay hydrated
  • slow down and be deliberate when you speak. Be cool.

All of this does take practice so you can create new habits, so be patient.

And remember, you must maximize your testosterone levels if you want your voice to be as deep as possible.

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