7 Scary Signs That You Have Low Testosterone & Under Performing Testicles

Most guys don’t realize that they have “low” testosterone. Yes, even guys in their 20’s… and certainly men in their 40’s and beyond.

Statistics clearly show that men’s testosterone is at an all-time low in history, half of what they were over 100 years ago.1 Sadly the lowering of testosterone starts as early as your mid 20’s.

However, what’s really bad is that you’ll look and feel like “older”, go to the doctor, do a blood test and he’ll say “oh, it’s fine… you’re in the ‘normal range” and then off you go with no solution.

The problem is that this “normal range” is very big: 250 ng/dL to 1100 ng/dL … If you fall anywhere in between, you’re considered “normal”.

However, there’s a BIG difference between “normal” and OPTIMAL, right?

It’s just like making money….

Maybe the normal yearly salary is $50K … But what if you could easily make $250K a year, simply by making some small changes in your lifestyle?

And that’s what you’ll discover at the end of today’s article, just ONE small change and you can double or triple your testosterone!

However, I first want to reveal 7 warning signs that you have suboptimal and most likely, “lowtestosterone.

And I say “warning signs” because low testosterone … or “not optimal” testosterone levels as I like to call it, is directly linked to many diseases and health alilments2:

  • Cholesterol problems
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Thyroid problems
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Memory loss
  • Prostate problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • etc

Simply stated, low testosterone is causing you to age faster.

So I’m going to quickly list the top 7 signs that you have low testosterone and then one of my favorite, natural solutions.

1 -Low Sex Drive / Libido

One of the biggest signs is that you have low libido. This includes physical and/or emotional drive. So, don’t think it’s just limited to erectile dysfunction or a physical “urge”. The lack of emotional “desire” is also a sign because your brain has lots of testosterone receptors.

2 -Depression or Feeling “Unmotivated”

Like I said, your brain has testosterone receptors also and thus, low testosterone leads to a lack of drive in life, not just sex. You’re not as motivated, you’re more irritable and “grumpy”.5 You might have more anxiety or feel down or depressed at times. Basically, you feel “blah” and don’t want to do much or socialize.

3 –Muscle Loss

I’m sure you already know that testosterone plays a big role in muscle size. If you are exercising and not gaining muscle… or you’re slowly losing muscle each year, then you have low testosterone. Also to a less degree, loss of strength is also an indicator of low T.3

4 -Increase Body Fat

Low testosterone is also a big indicator of higher body fat, especially unhealthy belly fat and “love handles”. And if you’re starting to get “man boobs”, then for sure you have low T and higher estrogen.

5 – Fatigue

Have you ever noticed that men typically require less sleep than women? Well, testosterone plays a big role here. And if you are tired and need naps and can barely get through the day, let alone have the energy to exercise or do much of anything else – then you probably have low testosterone.

6 – Memory Loss

Again, remember that the brain has many receptors for “sex hormones” such as testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, and other female hormones. However, what’s interesting is that your brain’s memory centers are loaded with testosterone receptors.4 So if you seem to be forgetful and are worried about Alzheimer’s or dementia, then you better improve your testosterone levels.

7 – Accelerated Aging (hair loss, wrinkles, etc.)

Have you ever noticed how some “older” men just look younger than someone their same age — better skin, more head hair, and so forth?

This is because testosterone is a “youth” hormone and it plays a very important role in skin and hair production.

Most people erroneously believe that hair loss is due to having “high” testosterone — however, the opposite is true — it’s from low testosterone.


IF “high” testosterone was the reason, then all the teenagers and guys in their 20’s would be bald, but that’s obviously NOT the case, right?

Testosterone also improves skin collagen and elasticity, joint health, and prostate size. So if you’re starting to look older than your age, time to increase your testosterone.


There you have it – 7 warning signs that you probably have low testosterone. You don’t need to do a blood test or get a physical to know. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is how you look and feel, right?

What you need to do is to improve your testosterone naturally, which can be done easily and effectively.

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