A Vitamin That’s Clinically Proven To Increase Your Testosterone After Exercise

Today I’ll reveal a very common vitamin, that when used at a specific dosage, is clinically proven to increase your testosterone and libido, after you exercise.

Most people don’t know, but exercise actually DECREASES your testosterone levels. This is especially true for “endurance” exercises such as running, jogging, biking, etc.

Even though lifting weights can actually INCREASE your testosterone levels, for many people this is temporary. Afterward, there is a big drop in testosterone.

So, Why Does This Happen?

Well, there are lots of reasons.

  • Lower blood sugar due to glucose depletion in your muscles increases your cortisol levels and can cause a decrease in testosterone.
  • Stress on your nervous system (CNS) due to an exhaustive or overly strenuous workout, increases your cortisol and will cause a decrease in your testosterone.
  • Not eating well, being depleted of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, causes stress on your body and again, raises your cortisol and decreases your testosterone.

As you see – the common problem is STRESS and the increase in your cortisol hormone.

3 Ways To Fix The Problem

  1. Make sure you have enough food in your body, before AND after exercise. This means having a good, light meal about an hour or two before exercise. And make sure to eat carbs and protein soon after your workout, to replenish your empty glucose and protein levels.
  2. Keep your workouts short. No more than 30-45 minutes. No more than 3-4x weekly. Don’t kill yourself. You should leave the gym feeling GOOD and refreshed. Not as if you just got done wrestling Kingkong and you’re dead tired.
  3. Take vitamins and herbs after your workout, that is clinically proven to reduce cortisol and increase your testosterone.

And one of the simplest ways to do this is to take Vitamin C. Recent research shows that taking about 500 mgs of Vitamin C, before AND after your workout,1 can

  • Decrease your stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Dramatically reduce the drop in testosterone levels.
  • Improve sperm count and the desire to have sex.

There have been many other clinical studies showing how powerful Vitamin C is at reducing stress. Combined with other ingredients that boost your testosterone, you have a winning formula.

Here Is What I Am Doing…

Personally, here’s what I’ve been doing for years.

An hour before exercise:

  • I have a light meal, maybe a protein shake.
  • I take 1000 mgs of Buffered Vitamin C
  • 2 pills of AlphaViril to boost my testosterone.

30-60 minutes after my workout:

  • I have another meal, carbs + protein. More calories.
  • I take more Vitamin C, this time 2000 mgs
  • And I take another 2-3 pill of AlphaViril to decrease my negative hormones and boost my testosterone even further.

Combined with a high dose of Vitamin C, even 500 mg before and after your workout, the combination makes dramatic improvements in your testosterone, muscle mass, fat loss, and sex drive.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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