⏰ Best Time To Have Sex – Dr. Sam Robbins’ Advice For 2024

Today we are talking about the best times for optimal sexual performance.

We always think that passion will happen instantly, like in movies, but that’s not really how it goes, especially as we get older.

In my younger days, things worked “on demand,” but over the years, I’ve noticed changes.

Even after optimizing my hormones with supplements like AlphaViril, I’ve realized that timing plays a crucial role in sexual performance, particularly as I’ve moved into my 50s.

The Myth of Nighttime Passion

Many of us associate sex with nighttime, after-dates, or dinners.

But I’ve found that’s not ideal, especially physically.

nighttime sex

You might be tired from the day’s activities or just mentally exhausted. Your body is winding down, not gearing up for action.

Plus, engaging in sex late at night can clash with your natural circadian rhythm.

When Hormones Peak: The Morning Advantage

Did you know that both guys and gals have higher testosterone levels in the morning? Guys often get a morning erection as a result.

morning sex

This doesn’t mean you should jump into sex right after waking up, but it does suggest that mornings or daytime are generally better for sexual activity.

Why Daytime Works Best For Sex

Aside from hormonal peaks, your energy, and mood are probably better during the day.

Nighttime activities, like eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol, can divert blood flow away from the genitals to the digestive system, hindering sexual performance.

So, while a relaxed evening might feel like the perfect setup, physically, it might not be.

Scheduling Sex for Better Experiences

If possible, try to have sex in the afternoon to align with natural hormone levels and physical readiness.

postworkout sex

Post-workout periods can also be potent times for sexual activity due to the testosterone surge after exercising, especially with weightlifting.

Optimizing Sexual Health

It is important to maintain optimal hormone levels along with natural timing, as both factors are crucial.

Supplements like AlphaViril can help boost testosterone and improve overall hormonal balance, supporting better sexual health and performance.


If you want to have awesome sex, think about timing it with your natural hormone cycle.

Try getting it on during the day when you’re feeling awake and in the mood.

Avoid late nights, especially after heavy meals or drinking too much, if you want to keep your sex life healthy.

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