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Today I’ve got some really interesting facts about having bigger, harder and fuller erections… and as a side benefit, a healthy heart, blood flow, and blood pressure.

It’s so powerful that today’s topic has won a Nobel Prize and it’s also connected to one of the most popular drugs ever made.

Nitric Oxide – ‘Molecule of the Year”

So today’s topic is about increasing Nitric Oxide levels, which has the chemical formula of, “NO”.

It was first discovered in 1772, but was thought to be an “atmospheric pollutant”. Thus, a waste of time.

However, 220 years later in 1992, Nitric Oxide (NO) was named, “Molecule of the Year”.

nitric oxide

Now, Nitric Oxide has lots of benefits, but the 3 most important and popular ones are:

  • Supporting healthy blood pressure
  • Boosting exercise performance because of better vasodilation and blood flow to the muscles.
  • And the one we guys care about the most … Improving erections and treating erectile dysfunction, by again – improving blood flow to the penis.

One Of The Most Popular Drugs In The World

So, remember how in 1992, “NO” was named “Molecule of the Year”?…

Well, that SAME year in 1992, the Pharmaceutical company Pfizer filed a patent for sildenafil and its use to treat cardiovascular diseases … because of its blood pressure improving abilities.

The name of this drug is called Revatio.

What’s interesting is that 2 years later, in 1994, Pfizer filed a SECOND patent covering the use of the SAME drug, sildenafil… to treat erectile dysfunction.

The name of this drug is Viagra.

SAME exact drug. TWO different names. The ONLY difference is the price.

revatio viagra


Revatio sells for about 0.50 to $1 a pill depending on the source.

While Viagra sells for about $10 to $25 to as much as $50 a pill over the years, before the generics.

As you can see, a total rip off and sadly, 99% of physicians don’t know this and they prescribe the more expensive Viagra.

PDE5 Inhibitors

So, putting aside the pricing BS, Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, which to make a long story short, works by vasodilation and improving blood flow to the penis by enhancing Nitric Oxide (NO) levels.

This is also how Cialis works, but that’s just long-acting, while Viagra is short-acting.

cialis viagra

Again, I’ve simplified all of this, but the main thing to focus on is that Nitric Oxide needs to be improved for better health and erections.

Increasing Nitric Oxide Naturally

So, how do we improve Nitric Oxide levels naturally, without having to take expensive drugs and deal with the side effects?

Well, an amino acid called L-Arginine helps increase Nitric Oxide levels through the “L-arginine-NO pathway”

And when taken at the correct dose, it of course helps with blood pressure and erections.

There are also different and more improved forms, such as AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate). More powerful at a lower dose.

Arginine or Citrulline?

Now, what’s interesting is that when L-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, another amino acid called L-citrulline is produced as a byproduct.

L-citrulline can then be recycled back to L-arginine and used to increase your body’s natural production of nitric oxide.

In fact, L-citrulline may increase levels of L-arginine in your body more than supplementing with L-arginine itself does. This is because a large percentage of L-arginine is broken down before reaching your bloodstream.

Hence, why using AAKG is a better option than regular L-arginine.

Of course, L-citrulline has similar benefits of healthier blood pressure and erections.

Over the years, L-citrulline has actually become a better option than L-arginine.

Here’s A Better Combo

However, things get really interesting because there are several human clinical studies that have shown the combination of:

  • L-arginine +
  • L-Citrulline +
  • French maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus massoniana) [97% Proanthocyanidins]

… To “Significantly improve sexual function in men with ED” — far more than taking either of these supplements individually, by themselves.

AV max combo

This is why I included this trio, the “three musketeers” in AlphaViril.

L-Arginine in the form of AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)… plus L-Citrulline + Pine Bark Extract at 97% Proanthocyanidins

Now you know why AlphaViril has been one of the best-selling supplements in the world for over 20 years.

You Need Testosterone

One last thing to keep in mind about Nitric Oxide and erections – it only helps with improving blood flow. It does nothing for stimulating an erection or creating that emotional desire.

And the lower your testosterone, the less effective these NO stimulators are – this includes drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

The irony is that older man who has the most difficulty getting an erection, NO stimulating supplements, and drugs such as Viagra and Cialis work the LEAST because they have lower testosterone levels.

YET, these substances work the best in younger men, who don’t need it, but because they have better testosterone levels – things are all working better, it’s more effective and a lower dose is needed.

And if you didn’t know, testosterone also directly improves NO levels. So, simply increasing testosterone levels will improve erections because of better Nitric Oxide signaling without the use of NO stimulating substances.

AlphaViril – The “All-In-One” Solution

Again, the human body and hormones are complicated – especially that damn penis which seems to have a mind of its own.AlphaViril

As an endocrinology, and hormone doctor – I designed AlphaViril originally for myself over 20+ years ago, to deal with all of these factors in addition to others – such as decreasing excessive female hormones and improving dopamine.

AlphaViril is the best, “all-in-one” solution that comes with a one-year guarantee. In fact, results in 30 days or you’ll receive a full refund + an additional $100.00 cashback

YES, a crazy guarantee only because I have over 20+ years of proof …

So while it’s fresh on your mind, do something now and get this part of your life fixed because the older you get, the worse the problems and harder to fix.

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