❗ Can Masturbation Create Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies?

I get a lot of masturbation questions and I’ve done lots of videos about this topic. However, I’ve never done one about masturbation and if it can cause any deficiencies in vitamins and/or minerals.

This is a good question and it can be expanded to having sex and basically, having orgasms or more so in a man’s case, ejaculating causing specific vitamins or minerals to leave your body…

Does Masturbation Cause Deficiencies?

So the answer is NO – masturbating, having orgasms, or specifically – ejaculating, does NOT directly deplete the body of essential nutrients.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies typically occur due to inadequate dietary intake, poor absorption, certain medical conditions, or other factors that affect nutrient absorption, utilization, or storage within your body.

However, excessive ejaculation, whether through masturbation or sexual intercourse, may theoretically cause a minor loss of certain nutrients, such as zinc, as these are components of semen.

Of course, too much ejaculating in any form, can cause hormonal imbalances such as lowered testosterone, higher female hormones like prolactin, and so forth. But, that’s another topic for another video.

Getting Back to Zinc

This mineral is especially important for men.

Zinc is a mineral that’s present in relatively high concentrations in semen, and frequent ejaculation could potentially lead to a slight decrease in zinc levels.

I’ve done lots of specific videos about zinc, its pros and cons, how to take it, what’s the best form, dosage, and so forth …

However, it’s important to note that Zinc is involved in various physiological processes and is essential for immune function, wound healing, testosterone production, libido, hair loss and many other bodily functions.

Sadly, many people, especially men are usually deficient or lacking in Zinc.

Additionally, zinc needs to be taken with copper to balance it out or else you’ll get a copper deficiency, which can cause problems – one being accelerated grey hair.

Sadly, this is something I learned the hard way after taking high doses of zinc for many years, without any copper. I didn’t know about the grey hair problem. So, I want you to learn from my mistakes.

However, the reality is that the amount of zinc or other potential nutrients lost through ejaculation is generally considered negligible and doesn’t typically lead to clinically significant deficiencies, especially with a balanced diet and supplementation program.


So in summary – no worries about vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by masturbation or more specifically, ejaculation.

However, I do urge you to go watch my other videos about Zinc.

As well as those about the pros and cons of masturbation.

Get informed, take action, improve your health, and live a happier and healthier life!

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