❓ Can Testofen Really Double Your Testosterone? (2024)

Testofen® is a specialized form of fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside.

Testofen® has multiple clinical studies that support1

  • healthy sexual desire and vitality*
  • muscle mass
  • An increase in free testosterone levels
  • helps reduce normal symptoms of Andropause in men.*

How Does It Work?

Testofen® main “claim to fame” is the fact it can increase “free” testosterone levels significantly, by “100% more” and thus, potentially doubling free testosterone levels.2



It achieves this effect by interacting with aromatase and 5-alpha reductase enzymes, blocking the enzymes without activating them.

Simply stated, your “free” testosterone will increase because Testofen® lowers the “female hormone” estrogen and the “hair loss” hormone, DHT.

Unfortunately, in the “real world,” it doesn’t seem to work so well when used by itself.

However, in a minute I’ll show you a simple way to make Testofen® work much better and it’ll save you money at the same time.

Difference Between Total & “Free” Testosterone

As you may already know, testosterone is the primary hormone that controls your libido, “drive”, mental happiness, increased muscle, decreased fat, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, over 95% of your “total” testosterone is “bound” to various proteins in your blood. So most of it is “inactive”.

Thus, only 5% or less is “free” to travel around your body and work its magic.

Think of your “total” testosterone as your GROSS income and your “free” testosterone as your NET income — the money you get to keep after all your expenses and taxes.

Thus, what we care most about is increasing your “free” testosterone levels, which is what Testofen® can help with.

How Will You Benefit – Results?

Any time you increase your testosterone levels, you *should* feel an increase in your libido, drive, mental happiness, more muscle, less fat, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Now, it’s not like a steroid or taking testosterone injections. It all happens naturally, from within your own body, and thus, fewer side-effects and it’s easy to maintain long-term.

Side-Effects & Warnings

Problem #1 – It Sometimes Works

Now, I’ve utilized Testofen® by itself on numerous patients and clients, including myself. Yes, there was an improvement in testosterone levels.

However, I never saw it “double” with anyone or even come close. It only “doubled” when I “stacked” it with other ingredients and I’ll tell you more about this in a minute.

Additionally, for many people, I had to use double or triple the recommended dosage to see the positive effects. Which made using Testofen® very expensive.

Also during my testing, there were people who felt no improvements at all, even though there WAS an improvement in their testosterone levels.

Now, there is a “simple” way to make Testofen® work much better and at a lower dosage, and I’ll show you how in a minute.

Problem #2 – Adaptation

The second problem I’ve seen over and over again is when using only ONE ingredient to achieve a health goal — such as Testofen® in today’s example…. Is that your body will quickly adapt to it.

Thus, it stops working after a couple of weeks.

… and this is natural because that’s how the human body works. The survival mechanism is to “adapt and grow”.

Unfortunately, as your body adapts, you have to use a higher dosage in which after a few weeks your body adapts AGAIN and now you have to increase the dosage even more.

This gets very expensive and can lead to negative side effects eventually.

However, if you use a “stacking” tactic – which I’ll talk about in a minute, you’ll dramatically reduce the adaptation and improve the effectiveness, WITHOUT having to increase the dosage.

Problem #3 – Negative Conversions

The final challenge is that your goal isn’t to only increase your testosterone.

This is because as you age, your body creates various enzymes that convert testosterone to “negative” hormones, such as estrogen, prolactin, DHT, cortisol, etc.

All of these “conversions” DECREASE your positive testosterone and INCREASE these negative hormones. Which is NOT what you want.

So your “high testosterone” quickly comes back down again. This is why people stop feeling the positive effects after a couple of weeks.

What you want to do is increase your testosterone and KEEP IT HIGH, by preventing and stopping the conversions to these “negative” hormones.

And to accomplish this goal, we’ll need to use other ingredients which help BLOCK these conversions, naturally – and I’ll show you how in a minute.

How To Make Testofen Work Better

Solution 1 – How To Prevent Adaptation

To prevent “adaptation” and make Testofen® work better, we’re going to “stack” it with other complementary ingredients.

When dealing with professional athletes and the various drugs they use, the BEST way to maximize positive effects and minimize negative side-effects is to “stack”.

Stacking means you use multiple compounds together (herbs, vitamins, etc.), rather than only ONE single compound by itself.

The special synergy between the correct “stack of ingredients”, creates a much safer and more effective solution.

It’s like 1+1+1 = 6 (not 3!) You use less, and you get more.

The “stack” saves you money and gives you better, safer results, for a longer amount of time.

Solution 2 – How To Prevent “Negative” Conversions

To prevent testosterone from converting to negative hormones, you’ll want to use natural ingredients such as

  • DIM reduces the female hormone, estrogen
  • Vitamin C and Ashwagandha reduce the stress hormone, cortisol
  • Vitex Agnus to reduce the female hormone, prolactin
  • Zinc to reduce the hair loss and prostate problems hormone, DHT

These ingredients, when mixed with a few other clinically proven herbs, will increase your testosterone and keep it high, naturally!… similar to when you were young.

Summary & Your Best Option

So Testofen® works by increasing your total and “free” testosterone levels.

To prevent “adaptation” and “conversions” to negative hormones, you’ll want to “stack” it with other synergistic ingredients.

In the end, you’ll get better results, it’s safer for you and you’ll save money at the same time.

Now, to optimize all of this and use the correct, clinically proven ingredients at the right dosages, just take a look at the exclusive link and get more details…

Plus, you’ll discover one of my favorite, all-natural solutions that I personally use for boosting testosterone levels, and increasing libido and muscle mass.

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  2. http://www.regenesishealth.com/TestofenStudies.pdf
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