💉 Difference Between Testosterone Injections and AlphaViril

In 2024, I’ve gotten lots and lots of questions about improving testosterone levels and thus:

  • Having a higher libido and sex drive
  • More muscle and strength
  • Less body and belly fat
  • More energy
  • Better memory, cognition, and mental performance.
  • Enhanced happiness, passion, and drive about life

… basically, like when you were younger.

These are just some of the positive benefits of having optimal testosterone levels….

This also means, minimizing negative, “anti-testosterone” hormones such as:

  • Female hormones (estrogen, prolactin, progesterone, etc.)
  • Stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc.)
  • Balding hormones (DHT, cytokines, etc.)

And this was the reason I formulated AlphaViril back in 1998 – to help optimize all of these hormones, so you look, feel and perform like when you were younger… And do so safely and naturally, so you don’t have negative side effects.

I bring all of this up because people have asked me repeatedly, “What’s the difference between AlphaViril and taking testosterone injections… aren’t they the same?

And the answer is NOT AT ALL.

Two, completely different mechanisms, actions, and goals.

Exogenous Testosterone

When you take a testosterone shot or use testosterone creams or pills, this is “exogenous”… which means from the OUTSIDE.

When testosterone comes in from the outside, it signals your body to turn OFF its production of testosterone. Your body doesn’t need to produce more, because you’re putting it in from outside.

This causes your testicles to STOP producing testosterone and the result is:

  • No more testosterone is being produced by your testes
  • No more sperm is being produced.
  • Thus, your testicles begin to shrink in size

Testosterone drugs

And once you start with the testosterone shots, you can’t stop.

This is because your testicles stopped working and it’ll then take weeks and months to turn them “back on”. So this is a major negative.

Finally, this exogenous testosterone can also now convert to OTHER, “negative” hormones such as the ones I mentioned earlier:

  • Female hormones (estrogen, prolactin, progesterone, etc.)
  • Stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc.)
  • Balding hormones (DHT, cytokines, etc.)

Unless you actively BLOCK or INHIBIT the conversion to these hormones, this exogenous testosterone starts to go back down, as it converts and RAISES these other “negative, anti-testosterone” hormones.

You don’t want this.

This is why steroid users – remember, testosterone is a steroid – go bald, get zits, gynecomastia (man boobs), become impotent, and so forth.

You’ll need a very good endocrinology doctor like myself, who can balance out all of these hormonal conversions with other drugs.

It all becomes very complicated and expensive.

Endogenous Testosterone

The other method for increasing your testosterone is endogenously, from WITHIN.

This is natural and safe. This is how AlphaViril works.

The correct combination and dosage of clinically proven herbs, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, will signal your testicles to produce MORE testosterone – which is the opposite of the testosterone shots, which told them to STOP producing testosterone.

When your testicles produce more testosterone, this means your testicles can actually GROW in size – rather than SHRINK as they do with the testosterone shots.

You’ll have healthier sperm with better motility and mobility.

You’ll actually see an INCREASE in ejaculation volume using AlphaViril! … Opposite of the testosterone shots, which decreases ejaculation volume.

In fact, a lot of porn stars use AlphaViril for this reason – for better “money shots”, in addition to bigger “size” and higher libido.


However, your testosterone can still convert to the negative, “anti-testosterone” hormones that I mentioned earlier.

But the good news is that AlphaViril contains natural inhibitors that will help REDUCE these negative conversions to female, stress, and balding hormones and thus, the end result is HIGHER total and free testosterone levels!

By the way, AlphaViril is the ONLY product that does all of this … it’s like 5 products in 1.

This is because it’s designed by ME, an anti-aging endocrinology (hormone) doctor who UNDERSTANDS all of these complex hormonal interactions and conversions.

20 years ago I wanted a product like this, but unfortunately, nothing existed and thus, I had to formulate one myself.

And to this day, STILL nothing exists because:

  • It’s very complicated to formulate
  • and very expensive to produce

Luckily, after 20 years I’ve been able to perfect the process and reduce the costs and you can take advantage of the benefits.


So, in summary, exogenous testosterone, from the outside – such as injections and creams, causes:

  • A shutdown of testosterone and sperm production by your testicles
  • This causes your “balls” to shrink in size and sometimes, disappear completely into raisins.
  • Conversions to negative, “anti-testosterone” hormones such as female, stress, and balding hormones. You’ll need to take additional “hormone inhibitors” to help fix these problems. This is expensive and unhealthy.

However, increasing your testosterone endogenously, with a proven solution like AlphaViril, will cause an:

  • Increase in testosterone production
  • Higher sperm volume and better sperm health, motility, and mobility
  • Improved hormonal balance since AlphaViril already has “negative hormonal blocking” herbs in the formula.

I have no problem taking testosterone shots — IF you’ve done everything the natural way FIRST. Because once you start with the shots, you can’t stop. It’s a lifelong commitment!

And you better find a really smart doctor to manage and balance out all of these hormones so you can minimize the negative side effects.

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