Does A Deeper Voice Mean You Have More Testosterone?

Video Summary

Can increased testosterone deepen voice?

A deeper voice has been shown to be more attractive to women because it subconsciously tells a woman that the man is:

  • Larger
  • Taller
  • More muscular
  • Stronger
  • More protective
  • More confident

And these traits also tell a woman he is probably more “manly” and thus, has more “male hormones” and hence, higher testosterone levels.

Is This True?

The answer is probably yes. I say “probably” because genetics plays a big role here.

If you have a deeper voice as I do, most likely you also probably have more androgen receptors on the vocal cords and thus, more sensitivity to testosterone.

Testosterone also converts to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is even more androgenic than testosterone. Androgens are related to male characteristics – such as facial hair and a deeper voice.

Medically speaking, the larynx, or voice box, is a hormone-dependent organ. In teenage boys, increased testosterone production causes the vocal cords to thicken, lengthen, and mature.

The cartilage of the larynx grows, further influencing the tone of voice. It also tilts slightly, resulting in a bump on the throatAdam’s apple.

Will Increasing Testosterone Deppen Your Voice?

For some people, yes. They can maximize their genetic potential for a deeper voice by having more testosterone.

So, maximizing your testosterone levels will allow you to maximize the deepening of your voice – again, up to your genetic limit.

I have some important information and links about the best way to naturally increase your testosterone. Plus a video on how to make your voice deeper.

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