Does More Sex = Higher Testosterone OR Is The Opposite True?…

Most experts and people agree that as your testosterone levels decline and drop, so do your sex drive and libido.

Granted, there are other factors and hormones when it comes to your sexual performance… Such as female and stress hormones, as well as peptides such as IGF and insulin.

However, testosterone is the primary hormone that controls sexual performance.

So now comes today’s main question, does having sex more often, increase your testosterone levels?

The answer is, YES!

In fact, even if it’s just sexual arousal withOUT behavior or action, can also increase testosterone levels.

This means that the more often you have sex, the more often you can see a spike in testosterone levels.

But, What Happens In Real Life?…

In a 2011 study, it showed that men who watched erotic material – whether that’s porn or went to a strip club or something similar – saw an increase in testosterone by 11%

However, the men who then had sex afterward saw a 72% increase in testosterone levels. Thus, an increase of over 60% in testosterone levels because you did the physical activity.

So now you’re thinking, “great… I’m going to think about sex whenever I can to increase testosterone levels and then I’ll try to have sex more often to increase my testosterone even more”

BUT… what if you in your attempt to have sex, still can’t perform? You can’t get hard? Or, you can’t maintain your erection.

Let’s be honest – many guys want to have sex… they think about having sex… they even try to have sex … BUT, things just don’t work down there.

This then creates a negative feeling, anxiety, and shame.

Not being able to perform kills your confidence and self-esteem.

Then there’s an increase in stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol, which then KILLS your testosterone levels.

And now, your worst off than before… What do you do then?

What Do You REALLY Need?

Well, you probably need a bigger and more long-term increase in your testosterone levels.

My suggestion and what has worked for thousands of men is to signal your testicles to produce more testosterone and other pro-sexual hormones.

And, at the same time, you also need to increase blood flow directly to the penis.

This combination of optimizing specific hormones and improving blood flow can immediately promote better sex drive, libido, and desire … In addition to harder, fuller erections.

And I’ve made a few videos about this topic and natural solutions –  take action and implement the testosterone-boosting methods I’ve mentioned.

Then, if possible, try to have sex more often, especially if you’re in a relationship and it’s a little easier.

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