Drink This For Bigger Balls, Higher Testosterone & More Sperm

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You can increase the size of your testicles and it doesn’t require any drugs. There’s a special food or drink that has been shown to do this.

And yes, increasing testicle size can also increase testosterone levels – and I’ll let you know how and why.

Mice With Big Testicles (15% Bigger!)

A few years ago researchers discovered that when mice consumed a special type of yogurt, they started to walk funny.

When they turned them over, they noticed that their testicles had grown about 15% in size.

The mice also grew shinier coats and fur. Plus, their hair or “follicular” density was also 10X more.

But, does this mean the same results in humans?…

Well, studies have shown that ingesting yogurt and other low-fat dairy foods improves semen quality in humans.

They’ve also discovered that a special type of bacteria or probiotic has been linked to these amazing results and the name of it is “Lactobacillus reuteri” [lacto-bas-ilis root-er-i] or L. Reuteri

What Is L.Reuteri?

Sperm production is much lower these days than it was 50+ years ago. Same as testosterone levels.

What’s interesting is that in the 1960s, about 40% of the population had some L- Reuteri in their guts. While these days, it’s around only 10-15%

Now, this special bacterium helps maintain or increase the number of Leydig cells in the testes and Leydig cells are responsible for producing testosterone. The end result is the testicles grow in size and produce more testosterone.

There are additional benefits as well to L. Reuteri – it helps lower IL-17, which is negatively involved in inflammation, obesity, and various autoimmune diseases.

Modern American yogurts typically contain only 2 to 5 strains of bacteria and this “testicle growing” L. reuteri, isn’t usually one of them.

However, the good news is that American-made Kefir does!

What Is Kefir [Kah-fear]?

Kefir is a milk product made from grains of bacteria and yeast. The end product is a slightly sour, slightly fermented beverage that even most lactose intolerant people can drink, without having stomach issues.

Aside from containing more bacterial species, some studies have shown that the bacteria in kefir seem to be more “faithful” than those found in yogurt. In other words, the bacteria in the kefir attach to the lining of the gut and form colonies instead of dying off or being excreted.

There is one big problem with Kefir – these days, the food industry likes to make everything taste better and it now comes in a variety of flavors. All of which are sweetened with a ton of sugar.

Do NOT drink these.

Just drink regular Kefir with NO added sugars. Also, make sure L. reuteri is listed on the side panel.

One last thing – you can also buy the capsulated form of L. Reuteri – but my research shows it will probably not work.

Just do it the natural way – regular, unsweetened Kefir.

How To Use It?

As to how much, how often and for how long?

Drink about 1 cup or 8 ounces daily.

But, for this to work as mentioned in today’s topic or just for general health, you need to consume it daily for at least 3 months or more. Thus, it needs to be a part of your daily, long-term diet.

Now, if you don’t want to spend the money on drinking Kefir daily… Or you don’t like the taste… Which are both two reasons I don’t consume Kefir…

Well, there are better, easier, and faster ways to increase your testosterone, testicle size, and sperm health and that’s through taking specific vitamins and herbs.

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