Guys – Do NOT Eat These 4 Foods Before Sex (She’ll HATE You!)

Allow me to share the 4 foods you shouldn’t eat before sex… to save you embarrassment, pain, and suffering.


When you’re going to have sex, you want to make sure you SMELL good and more importantly, do NOT smell bad. Obviously, good hygiene, shower, cologne, and fresh breath matter.

However, WHAT you eat also makes a difference as soon as you eat.

So, how are different ways you can smell bad? Well, anything that comes out of your “holes” – this is your mouth, anus, and your urethra.

As far as your mouth is concerned – don’t have any garlic or onions. Not only will your breath smell, but so will your entire body. The foul odor just leaks out of your skin…

Regarding what comes out of your ass, this includes anything that’s going to cause you to get gassy – so, let’s just do away with almost all vegetables. They have too much fiber and different enzymes that required proper digestion, which can cause gas and bloating.

Finally, we have your urethra and that’s basically where you urinate. There is one food, more specifically a vegetable, that will make your urine smell badly and potentially your cum as well… And that’s the vegetable, asparagus.


Most of us are lactose intolerant and thus, you shouldn’t eat anything that contains dairy. This is milk, butter, ice cream, and so forth.

Dairy Products

You’ll get very bloaty and gassy – again, NOT cool!


I know most of you will hate this since I know many people need a drink or two before having sex. It allows them to relax and lower their inhibitions.


Unfortunately, alcohol does lots of negative things which will cause you to not perform well. Thus, not being able to get a good erection or maintain one.

And nothing turns a woman off or ruins the sexual moment like a limp dick.


I love carbs, who doesn’t? Especially when you go out to a nice restaurant and have a good meal, you’re going to end up having carbs – maybe a lot of it.


This is a bad idea for a variety of reasons.

  1. carbs will increase serotonin levels, which can reduce your sex drive.
  2. carbs will cause you to feel tired and sluggish, which you don’t want before sex – especially if it’s late in the evening when you’re already getting tired.
  3. carbs cause gas and bloating. Again, similar to vegetables and dairy.

Thus, you need to avoid or limit all carbs – bread, pasta, potatoes, and even fruit). However, there is ONE carb I do like and that’s white rice – it’s easy to digest, no bloat or gas.

Fatty Meats

Now, if cutting carbs wasn’t bad enough, you should also limit fatty cuts of meat – such as steak, hamburger, hot dogs, and similar proteins.


And the main reason for this is weaker blood flow throughout your body – and this includes your penis and thus, your ability to get a hard erection.

For protein, stick to something like baked or broiled fish and roasted chicken.

I know… the meal is going to look very bland and boring – white rice + chicken or fish.

But, it’ll allow you to perform your best.

Also, make sure you optimize your testosterone levels so you can increase your sex drive, and get harder fuller erections.

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