😈 High Estrogen Is Evil – WHY You Need To Lower It (Part 1)

Today I want to talk about lowering estrogen levels. This information is mainly for guys, but women can certainly utilize it as well.

This is also a two-part article series.

In this first part, you’ll discover WHY having optimal estrogen levels is so important.

The second part reveals the HOW to lower estrogen and I’ll give you that link at the end of this article.

I care about you and I want you to learn from my mistakes this is why I want you to have knowledge about your body and health and this first part will give you this vital information.

I wish someone would have told me all of these years ago.

Unfortunately, most experts get this stuff all wrong – including the doctors.

My Personal Story

Now… I’m going to share something personal with you — most people don’t know, but I’ve been on some kind of estrogen inhibitor for about 30 years now, starting at age 19.

I have a TON of experience with this topic, with man boobs (gynecomastia), mood changes, sex drive highs and lows, and so forth.

So you better pay attention if your goal is to improve your estrogen levels, which will ALSO improve your other hormones – thus, increasing your testosterone levels!

This is an important topic because estrogen levels are much higher now than 25 years ago, 50 and certainly 100 years ago due to our environments (food, lifestyle, stress, etc.) and as well as just genetics.

You see, the problem is that estrogen is directly linked to both breast AND prostate health problems.

breast and prostate cancer

So, if you want to help avoid health problems – pay close attention right now.

And guys, if you are concerned about “man boobs” (gynecomastia), low sex drive, muscle size, belly fat, and even your mood and happiness – then you really better read today’s article to the very end.

Additionally, at the end of this article, I’ve got links to proven ways of improving your other hormones. So, make sure you check that out at the end of this article.

Estrogen Is Bad, Not Testosterone

“Old” research, doctors and the media will say that testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the cause of prostate problems. But this is totally wrong.

Testosterone is GOOD for your health and prostate.

It’s ESTROGEN that’s bad.

In fact, as your estrogen levels go up, your body’s natural estrogen inhibitor, DHT – also goes up to try and bring estrogen down.

And if you recall, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is linked to hair loss, excess body hair, and prostate problems.


So again, the fault is and begins with estrogen…

Women & Breast Health

In regards to women who have breast health problems, they get prescribed an estrogen BLOCKER such as Nolvadex (Tamoxifen). Now, this is an old drug and was utilized more so in the past.

These days, you would get prescribed an estrogen INHIBITOR and more specifically, an “aromatase inhibitor”.

I know I’m talking about women and breasts – but guys, this information directly affects your prostate, as well as your libido, muscle size, belly fat, hair loss, and mood.

So please pay attention…

Estrogen Blocker vs Inhibitor

So what’s the difference between an estrogen blocker and an inhibitor?

A blocker goes to the receptor sites, such as the breast tissue and nipples, and blocks estrogen from binding. Again, I’m keeping it simple because it’s more complicated than this.

A blocker does NOT lower circulating estrogen levels, it just blocks it at the receptor site.

However, an estrogen inhibitor actually lowers total estrogen levels. It inhibits the formation. It prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen (estradiol) by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme.

THIS is what you want!

By lowering total circulating estrogen/estradiol levels, you will automatically increase testosterone levels. So, this is a side benefit.

Think of estrogen as an expense. And testosterone as revenue.

Less expense (estrogen) = more money (testosterone) for you.

But Estrogen Has Benefits

Now, the problem with prescription aromatase/estrogen inhibitors – such as Arimidex, Femara, and Aromasin – is that they lower estrogen levels TOO much. Usually by 80-90% or more.


However, this is what these breast drugs are designed to do – kill off almost all the estrogen to starve the tumor and shrink it.

But remember, there are NO “bad” hormones in the body. It’s all about balance and ratios.

Women are much more sensitive to estrogen and thus, lowering it by 90% with a drug will make them feel like crap.

It’s also unhealthy for bone mass, cholesterol and lipid levels, skin, hair, brain function, mood, and so on.


And when guys lower it too much, they become very tired, everything aches on them, they lose their sex drive, become weaker in the gym, develop mood issues, and have lots of other problems.

So, the goal is not to have no or low estrogen levels – which is what these drugs do.

You obviously also do not want high estrogen levels.

What you want to do is have normal levels but on the lower end of the spectrum.

Ideal Estradiol Levels

For example, if you do a blood test and check for estradiol levels, a typical range will be between 8-43 pg/mL.

I’ve seen many guys who have numbers around 35 and higher. Many times even over 43, which is the high range. These may be “normal”, but they are high/normal and not optimal.

You want the levels to be between 10-20 pg/mL. Remember, the range is 8-43.

Hormone-Test estrogen

If you have high testosterone levels, then you can have higher estrogen closer to 20 pg/mL. If you have lower testosterone levels, then your estradiol should be around 10 and the low tens.

But many times I see guys have lower testosterone and higher estradiol. All are within the “normal” range, but this would be totally out of balance, not ideal or optimal.

It’s the OPPOSITE of what you want.

Thus, it’s like having high expenses and very low profit.

How To Lower Estrogen Naturally

So, this brings up the topic of how to lower estrogen levels naturally, to a healthy range – because we do NOT want to take drugs. As stated, they are too strong and riddled with lots of negative effects.

Now, in part two of this article series – this is what I’ll be discussing.

However, I made this intro article to educate you. YOU need to be in charge of your health. Don’t listen to your doctor or anyone else blindly.

So I hope with this article you learned something important and the WHY behind having optimal estrogen levels.

Now, let’s go to part 2 and discover HOW to lower it, naturally

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