How Long Can A Penis Stay Erect Or Hard?

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How long CAN a penis stay erect?

… it can be for hours if you use certain drugs.

In fact, if an erection lasts more than 4 hours, it’s called Priapism… which was cleverly used in the original Viagra commercials.

Assuming there are no drugs involved, some studies show up to 30 minutes on average.

Blood flow will eventually stop. So, you’ll lose your erection and then enzymes and hormones need to upregulate again, so you can get your erection back a second time.

After you have an orgasm, your erection will disappear for most men.

But maybe the better question is:

How long SHOULD a penis stay erect?

Ideally, it will last long enough until both of you are satisfied.

Women need more time. So, better to focus on giving her orgasm first, and then you can finish off.

And this is because once a guy has an orgasm, not only will his erection go away, but so will his desire, while women react in the opposite way – they become more open, closer etc

It’s interesting how hormones can cause the opposite reaction in the sexes.

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