How Much Protein Do You REALLY Need To Build Maximum Muscle – Part 2

Video summary

So, in Part 1 we learned how much protein should you take for maximum muscle growth and how to spread it during the day.

Now I’m going to list the best protein sources and the best times to take protein.

Best SOURCES Of Protein

When it comes to building muscle, the best protein source is animal protein.

If you are a vegan – increase your total protein intake – take more vegan protein powders and add in extra BCAA and L-leucine.

For the animal eaters, the best sources are in order of importance:

  • Grass-fed, free-range bison, elk, and cow — thus, red meat.
  • Pasture-raised whole eggs
  • Wild-caught salmon
  • Free-range chicken

However, if I had to choose one source of protein powder — it would be whey isolate from grass-fed cows. Almost zero lactose, which is important.

Best TIMES To Eat Protein

The best time is before your workout. Second, the best is after your workout. The third best is first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Now, the LEAST important is before bed – as it can disrupt your sleep, and sleep is a massive factor in growing muscle and tissue repair.

Anyway, this is what I do… you may want to do the same and see how you feel.

And – make sure you optimize your hormones

  1. increase testosterone to build MORE muscle (anabolic)
  2. lower cortisol to decrease BREAKDOWN of muscle (anti-catabolic)

Doing BOTH together increases your muscle building & fat burning twice as fast!

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