Instantly Build Bigger Muscles By Lowering Cortisol

Decrease MY Stress & Cortisol

Video Summary

Today’s video is about what to do post-workout to speed up the recovery and lower stress and cortisol so you can build more muscle.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone – which means it helps build muscle, while the opposite of testosterone is stress hormone –  Cortisol – a catabolic hormone, which slows down muscle building and causes tear down.

You can do a lot of things to speed up recovery. Your goal after a workout should be to lower your Cortisol levels and your stress. Here is what I do:

  • I make a shake for myself consisting of 50gr of whey isolate, 50 gr of dextrose, and 5gr glutamine. I have a little bit of it before, during, and after workouts.
  • When I get home I have 3-5gr of Vitamin C.
  • I take the herbal product Stress & Cortisol Relief – which contains all necessary vitamins and minerals to lower cortisol, speeds up the recovery, and increases testosterone levels.
  • I also take a little bit of magnesium
  • I try to relax a bit – meditate or take a nap to calm nerves down and recover the nervous system.

All of this helps you relax and recover and prepares you to get better sleep – as sleep is crucial for muscle growth, fat loss, healing, and better mood.

At night I take Stress & Cortisol Relief again to lower my cortisol, a little bit of Vitamin C and magnesium, sometimes Zinc and Deep Sleep Formula to help me sleep better.

That’s what I do and it made difference – I recover much better, my mood is better, my stress hormones levels lower. You might want to give it a try also!

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Decrease MY Stress & Cortisol