Kegels For Men – Harder Erections, Better Sex, Healthier Prostate

Hey guys… today I’m going to talk about one of the best exercises you can, should, and in fact, MUST do daily, that will:

  1. Give you harder erections and help with erectile dysfunction
  2. Allow you to last longer during sex – perfect for guys who are dealing with premature ejaculation
  3. Intensify your orgasms

Of course, these 3 alone will dramatically improve your sex life and give you more confidence.

However, there are also health benefits as well, such as:

  • Improved prostate health – this is especially important for guys over the age of 40
  • Help with urinary incontinence – this is for older guys who don’t have tight control over their bladder

What Is This Awesome Exercise?

It’s called Kegels.

By the way, doing Kegel exercises requires no gym or equipment and can literally be done anytime anyplace, and nobody would know.


Both men and women can do it and it has benefits for both.

However, today I just wanted to focus on men, since generally speaking – some (or most) men are a bit lost when it comes to sexual stuff.

You know, guys just don’t talk about this stuff like women do – so most are ignorant.

How Does Kegel Work?

Anyway, Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles – this is the group of muscles that help increase blood flow to the groin (around the genitals) and are active during sex.

Unfortunately, like any muscle, these muscles get weaker as we age.

In fact, most people just have weak muscles in this area, to begin with, so this is why it can and should be done at any age, older AND younger guys.

For better sex and health.

With that said, I did make a very popular article about this topic, how to do Kegels correctly and thus, avoid any negative effects.


I did this short article just to remind guys how important Kegels are – for both yourself AND your partner.

However, I want you to go read the more detailed article about Kegels right now, it’ll answer all your questions.

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