Low Testosterone – Top 10 Negative Health Effects For Men

I think most guys know that having low testosterone is notcool”.

When you’re young, horny, strong, muscular, and lean … you have high testosterone.

When you’re old, can’t get erections, are tired, have no drive, get fat and flabby… you have low testosterone.

Low testosterone

Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.

However, there are a lot of negative health effects for men who have low testosterone and today I’m going to reveal the top 10.

As you’re reading, pay attention to #10, which is the biggest complaint from men… and #7, the shocking one that almost all men care about.

Having low or sub-par testosterone levels causes:

  1. Loss of muscle mass & strength
  2. Increased belly fat
  3. Reduced bone mass & density
  4. Decrease in Testicular Size – this also means lower semen volume
  5. Depression & Apathy – you’re less happy & driven
  6. Decreased Energy Levels – both physically + mentally
  7. Smaller Penis – Yup, most guys don’t know this. In both length and especially girth and thickness.
  8. Hair Loss – this also has to do with other negative hormonal changes
  9. Sleep Problems – less quantity & quality
  10. Reduced Sex Drive & Erectile Problems – yes, the #1 complaint from men AND their partner

If you want more details about each of the 10 I mentioned and how and why I’ve got a more detailed video about this topic.

As well as my favorite way to quickly and naturally boost your testosterone levels in a few hours or days.

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