Masturbation, Kidney Damage & Erectile Problems

I recently got a question from a subscriber:

” Does excessive masturbation cause kidney problems or kidney damage?”

The answer is no masturbation does not affect the kidneys at all – there is no correlation between masturbation and kidney problems.

However, kidneys do get weaker as we get older  – it’s just part of the aging process. One main cause of kidney damage is high blood pressure.

Over time, high blood pressure damages the lining of the blood vessels and causes arteries to harden and narrow (atherosclerosis), limiting blood flow. This means that less blood flows to the penis. For some men, the decreased blood flow makes it difficult to achieve and maintain erections.

Drugs like Viagra or Cialis were originally designed to treat high blood pressure – but they had a “side benefit” of increased erections – so they were renamed and remarketed as erectile dysfunction drugs.

So, high blood pressure does affect your kidneys and your ability to achieve erections. You need to improve your blood pressure levels – it’s important for your overall health, including your kidneys and erections.

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