OMG – 30% Testosterone DROP In The Past 17 Years! [age 15-39]

Video Summary

New research shows that testosterone levels have dropped by a whopping 30% in just the past 17 years!!!

The study was initiated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), between 1999-2016, and the age group of these men was 15 to 39 – thus, young men.

Back in 1999, the average total testosterone level of young men was about 600 ng/dL.  In 2016, in the same age range, the total testosterone levels of men were now 400 ng/dL, down from 600.

That’s a drop of about 30%!

That’s a huge difference in such a short period of time. And a very negative change.

This means more potential:

  • muscle loss
  • more belly fat
  • lower energy
  • less happiness & more depression
  • and yes – erectile problems and lowered sex drive.

The scientists weren’t sure what’s the cause of this epidemic – but a few possible causes could be: increased estrogen levels, an increase in the use of marijuana, and an increase in body weight and fat.

So, what’s the solution?… Just as there’s never just ONE cause, there’s never just ONE solution.

The goal is to maximize and optimize your positive youth hormones while balancing and minimizing the negative “aging” hormones.

So, let’s quickly talk about 3 great solutions.

  • Lose Fat
    If you’re overweight, lose fat. Eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more.
  • Gain Muscle
    Gain muscle by lifting weights. You just need 3x a week. 45-60 minutes per workout.
  • Take Supplements
    Take specific herbs, vitamins, and minerals that will help optimize your hormones.

There are natural supplements with a long, and proven track record, and specific ingredients that are clinically validated to work and more importantly, work in the real world.

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