Problem With Testosterone Boosting Products & Why They Do NOT Work (2024)

So almost every week, I get someone asking me about some testosterone-boosting, erectile-fixing herb or vitamin or pill or powder or whatever.

I’ve made so many articles about this topic and yet, the questions never end.

And I think this is because there’s just too much wrong information online that keeps being repeated by everyone.

It’s like, follow the follower, not follow the LEADER!

So, allow me to lead you to the truth about boosting your testosterone levels – how it should be done correctly and why most people are doing it incorrectly. It is, unfortunately, causing more negative issues, and also they’re just getting ripped off — which I hate!

Benefits of Higher Testosterone

By now, I hope you know that when your testosterone levels are high:

  • you’ll gain more muscle,
  • be stronger,
  • have less belly fat,
  • more energy,
  • your mind will think better and more clearly,
  • you’ll be much happier,
  • you’ll live longer,
  • and yes — your sex drive and libido will be higher, which means stronger, bigger, fuller erections!

Low Testosterone = “Less Money”

Unfortunately, starting in your mid-20s, your testosterone starts to go down. While negative hormones — such as:

  • estrogen and other female hormones
  • DHT – your hair loss hormones
  • and stress hormones like cortisol

…all go UP!

To use a money analogy, you’re making LESS money and have MORE expenses.

Obviously, this is NOT what you want.

Never Take ONE Ingredient

So now, guys want to increase their testosterone levels, great!

They ask me, “does this herb work?” … “how much of this vitamin do I need?” … “how long before my testosterone goes up, permanently?” and so on and so forth.

supplements confusion

Listen, first and foremost, you should never take just ONE herb or vitamin to fix something.

Just as you don’t eat only ONE vegetable like broccoli all the time for good health, don’t do the same for any herb. Whether it’s maca or fenugreek or tribulus …. or an amino like Arginine or Aspartic Acid … or a vitamin or mineral like Zinc or D or anything else.

Your body will quickly adapt to just one ingredient, especially when it comes to hormones.

Then you have to keep taking a higher and higher dosage to make things work, which means more side effects and money.

We don’t want this, right?

Eventually, when you go off the one ingredient, which you have to do sooner or later, your body will crash, and your hormones will be completely unbalanced and even worse than when you first started.

Now you feel like crap.

The Secret Is To Use Multiple Ingredients

The secret is to use multiple ingredients — at the correct dose and extract — each having its own set of specific benefits because they work differently.

This way you can use a lower dose, you’ll get more benefits, and fewer side effects, and it’ll work long before your body starts to adapt.


This is also why bodybuilders stack different steroids in a “cycle”.

Lower doses of 3 different drugs, will produce more positives and fewer negatives, than ONE drug at a higher dose.

I hope this concept makes sense.

There’s a point of “diminishing returns” with any substance – food, drugs, herbs, and so forth.

Increasing Testosterone Can Be A Major Problem

Secondly and MOST importantly, increasing your testosterone is a nice start – but that should NOT be your main goal.

The original problem is NOT the decrease in testosterone.

The main issue is the increase in the “negative”, and “anti-testosterone” hormones such as female hormones like estrogen and prolactin. As well as the hair loss hormone, DHT.

As these hormones go up due to stress and AGING, they will cause a negative feedback loop in your body to then DECREASE your testosterone levels.

THIS is the problem.

Again, to use money as an example — you’re making less profit because you have a lot more expenses.

I hope this makes sense.

Negative “Conversions” Due To Aging

Plus, as you age, your body produces more negative enzymes, such as aromatase and 5-alpha reductase.

Thus, converting testosterone quickly to negative estrogen and DHT.

The end result is even LESS testosterone and more negative hormones.

Why You Get Fatter, Balding & Erection Problems

This Is why as you age and your testosterone decreases, you start to get fatter, get man-boobs, have a lower sex drive, start to get hairy in all the wrong places and lose head hair.


This negative conversion from testosterone to female and stress hormones is the real cause!

So by you taking any one of these testosterone-boosting herbs, WITHOUT blocking these conversions, will cause your testosterone to go up temporarily — but then come back down again after a couple of weeks.

But now, you have even MORE estrogen and DHT and even LOWER testosterone.

Yes, this got a little complicated.

I have a simple solution for all of this at the end of the article. Go check it out after you finish this article.

Here’s What You Must Do

So your goal needs to be the following:

  • Increase your total testosterone – this is like your total revenue
  • Increase your FREE testosterone levels – this is like your profits
  • Decrease negative hormones, such as estrogen, DHT, and stress hormones — these are like your expenses and bad employees in your business

The end result is higher testosterone, lower negative hormones, and you’ll be able to maintain these positive, youthful levels for much longer, without side effects because your body won’t quickly adapt.

This is how your body used to work as a teenager and in your early 20’s, when you were healthy and happy.

So, let’s get it to these youthful, healthy levels again – but naturally. No drugs, prescriptions, or injections.

I know this got a bit complicated but read this article again to give you more clarity.

And more importantly, click on this special link and you’ll get more details and you can copy the same formula I’ve been using since 1999, to optimize my testosterone levels, build more muscle, have better erections, and feel younger!

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