Top 3 Myths About Testosterone [Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know]

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Today’s topic is super important for any guy who wants to or needs to increase their testosterone levels and is concerned about prostate or heart problems.

There are so many incorrect myths about testosterone and that’s what today’s article will be about, the top 3 myths about testosterone that most doctors don’t know about.

Myth #1 – High testosterone leads to prostate cancer

For decades, when a man did get prostate cancer, they were given drugs that lowered his testosterone levels and the cancer got better.

However, no study has been linked to testosterone being the problem.

In fact, the problem is linked more so to what testosterone converts to – and that’s estrogen (estradiol) and DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Having youthful testosterone and a healthy hormone profile is the key to having a healthy prostate function, as well as libido, erections, muscle mass, mood, and longevity.

Myth #2 – High testosterone increases your risk of heart disease

Another old myth is that high testosterone levels are bad for your heart and can lead to heart disease due to cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, and so forth.

However, testosterone is good for muscles and your heart is a muscle. Higher testosterone levels actually help support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

When you naturally boost your testosterone levels to higher levels within the normal, youthful range – every aspect of your body improves – muscles, organs, bones, brain, and mood.

Myth 3 – High testosterone causes early death

The final myth has to do with both the earlier mentioned myths which would cause early death – prostate and heart problems.

New studies clearly show that higher testosterone levels are linked to a lower risk of “all-cause mortality”. And one large study showed a 21% lower risk of death with higher testosterone levels.

Again, this all comes down to having naturally higher testosterone levels, within a normal range, and having a youthful hormonal balance. And this can be done with simple lifestyle changes.

Don’t just passively listen, take action on what you heard today because things won’t magically fix themselves.

I’ve listed free and easy solutions and options, take a look, implement them and improve your health, fitness, and longevity.

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