⚠️WARNING: Does COVID Cause Erectile Dysfunction? (2024)

Video Summary

The other day someone asked me if they should get a COVID vaccine shot because they didn’t want to get erectile dysfunction if they got COVID-19.

The newest research as of March 20th, 2021 reveals the shocking facts:

COVID-19 increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED) by nearly six times, according to data from the first study to investigate the association between ED and COVID-19 in young men in a real-life setting.

At the same time – men with ED are more than five times more likely to get COVID-19.

And for those of you who have had COVID-19, the estimated risk of developing ED was 5.66 higher.

This means ED can be both a short AND long-term problem linked to COVID-19.

It Gets Even Worse

Of course, the other risk factors make this situation much worse:

  • Having high blood pressure
  • Being diabetic
  • Having kidney problems
  • Low levels of Vitamin D3
  • Poor hormone levels and thus, lower levels of testosterone – which dramatically boosts your immune system

Even just having a harder time getting and maintaining erections, means that you are UNHEALTHY!

This means your hormones are unbalanced. It also means you have poor blood flow. All of this affects your penis, but also your heart and brain, and every cell in your body.

Simply stated, you are older than you should be and you’re aging faster than you should be.

This means you’ll either die earlier or worst of all, you’ll live a life full of health problems — which is expensive in time, money, and emotions!

So, What’s The Solution?

You’ll boost your immune system and more importantly, have better, harder and fuller erections and this means a healthier future — in AND out of the bedroom.

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