[ 2024 ]⚠️ WARNING: Does Stevia Lower Testosterone Levels?

In one of my popular articles, entitled “Avoid These Top 10 Clinically Proven Testosterone Killers”, someone recently asked, “Does Stevia lower testosterone?”

First, yes – I do read almost all the comments and reply back to as many as possible, which has turned into a part-time job.

However, I’ve made a promise to help my readers, and thus, keep sending me your positive comments and questions because I do reply back and make future articles from them.

This brings up today’s topic, if the non-calorie, herbal sweetener, Stevia, lowers testosterone levels?…

My first thought was, “no… why would it do that?

But, at this point in my life, one thing is for certain – the older I get, the less I know.

And so, I decided to do some research and go through various clinical studies, read forum posts from 2024, and so forth.

And the verdict is that, YES – using Stevia is linked to lower testosterone levels.

At which point, I thought “crap… I use it daily. But, I also have super high testosterone levels…” I’ll discuss in a minute, how I keep my testosterone so high… so keep reading.

Needless to say, I decided to dig deeper.

Stevia Research

So in one clinical study, it showed there was a decrease in testosterone levels when used daily after 2 months of use. It also lowered fertility. But, this was done on rats and if you read the entire clinical study in detail, the dosage was crazy high.

So, this doesn’t pertain to you or me.

In another clinical study, it showed a decrease in ejaculation and how often sexual behavior is initiated. Thus, a lowered sex drive. However, when digging deeper into the study, there was no significant decrease in testosterone levels.

Again, this study was done on rats, at a very high dose and it was also done on diabetic rats.

Either way, this doesn’t pertain to you or me.


I also found other blog articles saying that stevia lowered testosterone. But it was written by “less educated people” who don’t fully understand how the endocrine system works and made idiotic assumptions.

Thus, “bro-science”.

BUT, the story doesn’t end here. So keep reading.

Since I’m naturally curious, I kept researching any potential “Endocrine Disruptors” associated with Stevia.

Thus, anything that can cause hormonal imbalance.

And well, I found that certain isolated forms of steviol, one of the compounds in stevia, can increase progesterone levels. This being a female hormone, can indirectly lower testosterone levels.

However, again… the dose needs to be fairly high. And, it was just one study.

Bottom Line

So, after all that – what’s the bottom line?

  • Taking stevia can potentially lower testosterone levels and act as an endocrine “hormone” disruptor.
  • However, the dosage needs to be fairly high … around 40-50 packets a day or more.

Stevia does have other issues that I didn’t mention today.

However, my advice is to go ahead and get organic stevia, enjoy it, but like everything, limit it to small amounts. Like 5 packets or less a day – which is a lot anyway.


If you need more than that, then you’ve got a big-time sweet tooth that needs to be addressed… which I will do in a future article – how to reduce and eliminate sugar cravings. Let me know if this topic interests you by sending me a message.

However, even if stevia doesn’t lower your testosterone levels, there are dozens of things that do – aging being a big factor.

Here’s a link to my favorite, natural solution for improving your testosterone levels, while reducing negative anti-testosterone hormones such as female and stress hormones.

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