⚠️ WARNING: How Vaping Affects Your Testosterone (2024)

A little while back I did an article about vaping since it’s become so popular these days. I got a lot of hits and of course, some good questions.

However, a few guys asked if vaping affects testosterone levels? And so, that’s what I’ll be discussing today.

Vaping & Marijuana/Pot

People “vape” marijuana or nicotine.

In regards to those users vaping marijuana – YES, it negatively affects your testosterone levels. It lowers it and at the same time, increases your female hormone, estrogen.

In fact, as estrogen levels go up, your testosterone levels drop.

Marjiuana vaping

In this scenario, vaping isn’t the cause of the decreased testosterone – it’s the marijuana.

Needless to say, whether you smoke or vape marijuana, it will lower testosterone and increase estrogen.

Vaping & Nicotine

When vaping first started over a decade ago, it was in the form of e-cigarettes. Thus, people were vaping nicotine. So, this is similar to smoking a cigarette, but with a lot fewer toxic chemicals.

Technically speaking, vaping nicotine is safer than smoking a cigarette. However, it is still NOT safe.


Now, what’s interesting is that one reason cigarette smokers lose weight is the fact that nicotine acts as a mild aromatase inhibitor and thus, an estrogen reducer.

As estrogen levels decrease, it’s easier to lose fat.

The second benefit of lowering estrogen is the simultaneous rise in testosterone levels. This is the opposite of marijuana.

So initially, using nicotine, whether smoking or vaping, actually causes a small increase in testosterone levels.

However, this is mild and temporary. It’ll only last an hour or two and thus, you need to continually be ingesting nicotine to get the small testosterone-boosting benefits.

BUT, none of this matters because, after about 2-3 weeks of using nicotine, your body adapts and goes back to normal. Estrogen levels go up again and testosterone comes back down again to their original, previous levels.

Now, what’s interesting is that something else happens to your hormones when smoking or vaping – your stress hormones, such as cortisol goes up.

When cortisol goes up, testosterone goes way down.

So, there’s an initial and small increase in testosterone, then your body adapts and your levels go down to normal again and then due to an increase in stress hormones, your testosterone drops and stays down.

Blood Flow & Impotence

The other problem with smoking or vaping nicotine is that it’s a vasoconstrictor, which causes blood vessels to narrow and get smaller and thus, reducing blood flow.


This reduction in blood flow has negative effects on your entire body — muscles, brain, skin, hair, and so forth. But it ALSO affects your penis and the end result is erectile dysfunction and impotence.


Don’t vape marijuana or nicotine. The end results are negative changes in your hormones, with lowered testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.

Now, if you’re reading this article, then I’ll assume you’re like most guys – you want to improve your hormones, increase your testosterone levels, and have amazing erections all the time.

This is especially important if you’re over the age of 30.

So, do yourself a big favor and limit and stop vaping, marijuana, and/or nicotine.

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