What’s The Best Exercise For Preventing Erectile Dysfunction?

I get asked a lot of questions about working out and how to make muscles stronger, bigger, and so forth. And today, I want to reply back to a question from someone who asked something similar, but about a different type of “muscle”:

“… are they any exercises that I can do that will help improve blood flow to my penis and make it stronger, so it will stay hard longer? Unfortunately, I suffer from some erectile problems. Sometimes I can’t even get hard and other times, I can’t stay erect long enough to satisfy my wife and it’s really starting to make me depressed and cause problems in my relationship. I don’t want to take any drugs, just do it naturally. Any suggestions Dr. Sam?”

Are There Exercises To Improve Erections?

To answer your question, yes… There are exercises you can do that will improve your erections and actually help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Even though this may “sound weird” or “impossible” or “not likely” to many people, there are thousands of people who have gotten great results. And it even works for women, to help enhance an orgasm.

exercise for erectile dysfunction

While for men, it does both – improve erection strength AND enhance your orgasm.

Please keep in mind that almost everything in the body requires a MUSCLE to make it function correctly.

Your body moves and is held together by muscles.

Your eyes, mouth, breathing, and so forth are all done because of muscles.

Even your hearing is also partly dependent on muscles inside the ear canal.

And of course, your heart is a muscle and so is your penis. Yes, some will say it’s an “organ”, just like the heart. But it’s also up to 50% smooth muscle.1

penile muscles

In fact, there are even specific exercises you can do, that can make your penis bigger – in both length and girth.

Best Exercise For Erections

Anyway, getting back to today’s topic… There’s actually one great exercise you can do right now, anywhere, anytime, anyplace and it requires no equipment, which will for sure help improve your erections and help prevent erectile dysfunction.

And it’s an article I created before and it’s super popular because it’s very effective – it’s called “#1 Exercise For Preventing Erectile Dysfunction & Improving Your “Performance” In The Bedroom”

  1. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1949325-overview
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