Why Alcohol Is Killing Your Sex Drive, Lowering Your Testosterone & Making You Fat

I got an email this week from Thomas about alcohol and testosterone. A question that I get asked often. Thomas writes:

“Doc — how bad is alcohol for my testosterone levels? I mean, I know it’s not good for health, but I don’t drink that much. These days, mainly on the weekends – like 2-3 drinks at the most. Well, maybe more at times (lol). But the reason I ask is because I notice it’s affecting my sex drive and my “hardness”. When I was younger, it wasn’t a problem, but for sure now. Is it the alcohol or just me getting older? Oh, I’m 36 by the way.”

First, yes… aging has a lot to do with it because a man’s testosterone starts to drop in his mid 20’s. Since you’re in your mid 30’s at age 36, your testosterone has been slowly lowering for the past decade.

However, the alcohol is just making things much worse and causing a FASTER drop in your testosterone levels and thus

  • it’s killing your sex drive
  • making you fatter
  • and basically turning you into a woman!

Let me tell you the 3 primary ways it’s doing this:

Alcohol is a toxin – both to your body (liver, muscles, etc.) and your mind (neurons, synapses, etc.). As your body tries to metabolize alcohol (ethanol), it lowers the amount of NAD+ inside your liver and testes. This reduces the production of testosterone. The higher the quantity and frequency of alcohol usage, the lower the production of testosterone.1

Alcohol stimulates the brain to release beta-opioid endorphins, which is the reason why you get really relaxed after few beers. Sadly, those endorphins are also notorious for their negative effect on testosterone synthesis.2

Alcohol also causes an increase in your estrogen levels, which signals your testes to produce less testosterone.3 This also causes more belly fat, which indirectly produces even more estrogen. Thus, turning you into a “girly man”.

Now, I’m not here to tell you to never drink. This is your life, your body, your future.

My suggestion is to reduce the consumption of alcohol whenever possible.

And if you’re going to drink, try to avoid beer because it tends to lower your testosterone the most due to the hops in the beer … They are very estrogenic and thus, causing the biggest imbalance between your male and female hormones.

And lastly, the older you get, the bigger the problem alcohol is for your testosterone levels, as well as your overall health.

But if you want to continue drinking, at the very least – make sure you take testosterone boosting herbs, vitamins and minerals every day, to help undo the damage from the alcohol consumption … especially if you’re over the age of 30.

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