Why Are My Genitals Darker, Is Something Wrong & How To Fix It?

Video Summary

It’s normal for the skin of the penis, scrotum, labia, and anus to be darker than the skin elsewhere on your body.

They tend to have more melanin production due to higher melanocytes. And, melanin is one of the main factors that produce pigmentation and thus, the darker color.

What Are The Causes?…

  • Hormones
    The genital area becomes darker in response to an increase in sex hormones – such as testosterone and estrogen.
  • Friction & Inflammation
    The skin on your body, can also darken when there’s friction and thus, inflammation. This tends to happen to overweight people or it can be caused by shaving or even rough sex.
  • Aging
    Lastly, as with everything, aging can also be a factor. Hormonal changes because of aging, such as a drop in testosterone can be a cause.  So, if you’re a guy, make sure your testosterone levels are optimal.

Any Solutions?

This is all very natural and it happens to all of us. Some more than others due to genetics and the naturally darker pigmentation of the person due to their ethnicity.

However, can you minimize it or even reverse it?

You might be able to minimize the discoloration by reducing friction in the area. Thus:

  • avoiding tight-fitting clothing and underwear
  • keeping your skin moisturized
  • avoiding hair removals, like waxing or shaving,

As far as reversing it, you can have the areas bleached.

But, that’s not something I would recommend you do on your own – it’s best to speak to a doctor first.

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