Women – Low Testosterone & Low Libido Epidemic [+ Proven Solutions]

The topic of libido and testosterone is always a popular one with my male audience. I’ve got a lot of private messages from guys thanking me for the solutions and fixes I’ve given and how their testosterone levels, sex drive, libido, and erections have improved tremendously.

However, I have also received follow-up questions from guys such as:

  • Do these same solutions work for women…such as wives or girlfriends?
  • My wife/girlfriend wants to know if there’s anything specific for women?
  • Do the same vitamins, herbs and supplements that work in men, also work for women?

Thus, it’s not only us guys who want better libido and need higher testosterone but women also.

And guess what, the research also shows that women are dealing with a very similar “low testosterone” epidemic the men are – which is also negatively affecting their libido, sexual happiness, and ability to achieve orgasms.

Not to mention, improved mood, muscle tone, and fat loss.

However, since this can be a very detailed and long topic, I’ve decided to keep it short with just a few of the basics and the best solutions, since that’s what most of us care about.

Scary Stats

There are numerous studies showing that well over 55-60% of women, between the ages of 18-65 are suffering from “sexual dysfunction”.

low libido women

Unfortunately, instead of fixing the root cause of this problem, which is usually hormonal, these poor women are referred to counseling or a therapist and are then diagnosed with depression or some other “emotional” issue…

And then they’re given drugs that further decrease their libido.


Just remember, all animals produce testosterone and all the same hormones. It’s just that women and men produce different amounts. Thus, men typically produce more testosterone than women and women produce more female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone than men.

However, we all respond similarly to these hormones.

Thus, women also need the right amount and levels of testosterone. In fact, they are much more sensitive to testosterone than men. Thus, when it drops they really feel the negatives, and when it’s up they really feel the positives.


Some of the same things that cause low testosterone in men are also the same in women.

For example, extra stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, vegetarian diet, high soy intake, not exercising, gaining body fat, and so forth.

As well as drugs such as blood pressure, antibiotics, sleeping pills, alcohol (yes, wine is alcohol), marijuana and others.

As well as SSRI drugs, such as Prozac, which are used for depression and similar symptoms,…. Unfortunately, these are prescribed more to women than men.

However, there is ONE major cause that’s very specific for women and that’s birth control pills.

birth control pills

Remember, birth control pills or injections are typically two female hormones, estrogen and/or progesterone, which reduce sex drive directly and then indirectly by lower testosterone.

Thus, that’s a double punch!

Solutions – Drugs

As far as drugs or pharmaceutical methods, just like men, you would do testosterone replacement therapy.

And just with men, I suggest this to be the LAST option, especially for women.

For men, the problem is that once you start with the testosterone injections, you really can’t stop. It shuts down your testicles and thus, it’s going to be a life-long, permanent treatment.

And if men want to have kids, forget about it – you won’t be producing any sperm. In fact, testosterone therapy is a male contraceptive, and thus, the “male birth control”

Anyway, the biggest problem with women taking testosterone is that they are hypersensitive to it and it can quickly cause hair loss in them, increase body hair, especially on the face and also deepen their voice over time.

hair loss women

For a guy, these things won’t happen and don’t really matter – that’s normal.

But definitely NOT for women. It’ll make them more manly and less feminine.

And trust me, most HRT – hormone replacement doctors – are using way too high a dose for women, as well as men too.

There is an awesome sexual response initially, which is soon followed by potentially permanent side effects such as balding, facial hair, clitorial growth, voice change, and so forth.

So, as always, let’s FIRST focus on natural solutions.

Solutions – Natural

There are a few supplements that work very well for women.

One of them is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). This is more of a precursor hormone for testosterone. It’s produced mostly in the adrenal glands.

Unfortunately, this hormone peaks in your early 20s, and thus, it’s a good idea to optimize it. And the cool part is that it’s over the counter, at least here in the US.

I would start at a lower dose of 10 mg taken in the morning with food. See how you feel for a couple of weeks and increase to 25 and then 50 mg IF needed.

Boron is another supplement that works well in both men and women. I’d start with 5 mg and increase it to 10 mg as needed.

The mineral zinc is also very helpful. Make sure you take it with copper because these two minerals need to be balanced.

Lastly, there are specific and potent herbs that help increase testosterone levels in men, as well as women. These include:

  • Tribulis
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Fadagia

… and a few other ones.

So, whether you’re a man or woman… and you want to improve your libido, sexual performance, and sensations… improve muscle mass and fat loss… enhance your mood and happiness… then make sure you’ve optimized your testosterone levels and have youthful hormonal balance.

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