Worst 5 Popular Foods For Erections (Libido Killers!)

Video Summary

Erectile problems are happening to many more men these days and it’s starting at a younger age.

And the reason behind it all is hormonal imbalances and poor blood flow.

So, what causes these hormonal imbalances?… Well, today I’m going to list the worst 5 popular foods that cause erectile problems and kill your libido.

  • Soy
    Eating soy frequently can lower testosterone levels by 20-25% or more, which will decrease your ability to get erections. Soy also increases female hormones and decreases thyroid levels.
  • Refined Carbs
    Cause negative hormonal changes… Such as a decrease in testosterone, thyroid, LH/FSH, and growth hormone… while increasing female hormones.
  • Alcohol
    Alcohol screws up your hormones – both the “female” and “male” hormones, and adrenal hormones. Alcohol also decreases blood flow to the penis and increases angiotensin — a hormone linked to ED.
  • Processed Meats
    These meats and animals have lots of negative hormones in the body, drugs, antibiotics, and the wrong form of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats… ALL of which leads to hormonal imbalances, poor blood flow, and erectile problems.
  • Dairy
    Dairy is also loaded with hormones, drugs, antibiotics, and incorrect types of inflammatory and arterial blocking fats. ALL of these leads to hormonal imbalances, poor blood flow, and erectile problems.

Remember, lifestyle is very important and food is a major cause of how you look and feel because food can change your hormones.

Try to reduce some of the foods I mentioned today, so you can reduce the damage and harm to your body and more specifically, your penis.

However, if you can’t make the changes or you want faster results, utilize the specific vitamins to help your body naturally fix itself and improve your hormones.

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