Zinc – 3 Best Foods Highest In Zinc

Zinc has many hormonal beneficial effects and is good for boosting the immune system. Both men and women will benefit from taking an optimal dose of 15-50 mgs daily. Here are the best 3 food sources...

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I recently did a few popular articles about Zinc.

The first one is how important it is for your hormones… such as improving testosterone levels, decreasing negative hormones like estrogen and DHT.

Here’s the direct link to that article.

However, today I want to list the top 3 foods that contain the highest amounts of zinc.

And if you don’t like eating today’s foods, you can always take a supplement – which I’ll tell you the best form and amount at the end of this article.

#3 – Chicken Leg (dark meat)

foods rich in zinc chicken leg


5 oz = 3 mg
100 g = 2 mg
200 calories = 2 mg

#2 – Beef

5 oz = 15 mg
100 g = 11 mg
200 calories = 12 mg

foods rich in zinc - beef


Beef, especially grass fed beef, has about 5x the zinc and other important nutrients when compared to chicken.

#1 Oysters

Oysters are known to have aphrodisiac effects and it’s primarily due to the high zinc content.

6 Oysters = 52 mg
100 g = 61 mg
200 calories = 155 mg

foods rich in zinc oyster

As you can see, it has about 6x more zinc than beef and 30x more than chicken.

Of course, most of us are NOT going to be eating oysters daily or even weekly.

Personally, I don’t like how they taste.

This is why I take zinc in a supplement form. However, you should NOT take zinc by itself. It requires another mineral to balance it.

Anyway, I’ve got important links to more details about zinc – benefits, pros, cons, best form, dosages, and so forth.

Take a look right now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

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