Zinc – Increase Testosterone, Decrease DHT & Estrogen (2024)

Today’s information benefits guys of all ages and even women too.

Zinc has many hormonal beneficial effects:

  • Increases testosterone
  • Inhibits conversion to DHT and Estrogen
  • Helps produce GH
  • Improves T3 conversions and thyroid levels
  • Good for fertility and sperm mobility and immune system.

The best foods rich in zink are oysters and grass-fed beef and bison.

foods rich in zinc

The optimal dose is 15-50 mgs daily.

Too high a dose causes gray hair if you’re prone to it. I used to take 100 mg.

high dose of Zinc causes grey hair

The best form I’ve noticed for absorption and many clinical studies is Picolinate. I use Zinmax in AlphaViril.

Balance it with Copper. 10-15:1 ratio.

I also suggest selenium.

AlphaViril has all of this.

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