Using Mudras for Depression

For those who are fighting the effects of depression, there are certainly many natural substances and methods that can be used to help restore balance in the mind and body. One of the most ancient methods is called mudras. For thousands of years, mudras have been used to help people focus, meditate and ultimately combat the effects of illness to the body which includes depression.

But what are mudras and how exactly can they be used to help fight the effects of depression?

What are Mudras?

Mudras are selected hand positions that create a number of benefits for the mind and body. A mudra is a particular hand position in which the energies of the body are directed to help fight the effects of a number of ailments. Depression is one of the most common ailments that mudras were meant to combat.

Essentially, a person who is suffering from depression should first see their doctor to ensure that all aspects of the condition can be treated and then they should incorporate mudras into their treatment options.

How to Use Mudras to Fight Depression

There are many different hand and arm positions that can be used to direct the energies of the body and mind to help restore the proper balance. What is important is to incorporate the right type of meditational practices as well to help advance the effects of the mudras.

This means that you should start in a comfortable position either sitting or standing depending on the specific type of mudra that is being performed. Once comfortable, the mudra should be held for a few minutes or a little longer in order for the body to reap the full effects. You can focus on a few mudras or use several over the course of a day.

There are mudras designed for all types of effects, but you will want to focus on those that are specifically designed to relieve the effects of depression. For the most part, these will be mudras where you position the fingers and thumb on one hand in a specific way while holding your arm in the proper position. Plus, breathing is very important as well which helps conduct the flow of blood so that you can really enjoy the effect of the mudra that is being performed.

Mudras and Other Depression Treatments

Because mudras use no drugs or cause any harmful effects to the body, they can be successfully incorporated with other treatments that can help accelerate the process of restoring balance. You should consider that mudras work best when combined with healthy eating, exercise and taking the right set of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help the body restore itself to its normal state.

Mudras have helped millions of people cope and overcome all types of conditions over thousands of years, including depression. For those who are interested in treating the symptoms of depression in a safe, natural way, mudras offer the means by which you can restore the natural balance in your body.

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