Using Oat Straw for Anxiety

For those who have been suffering from anxiety attacks, one possible source is the imbalance your body is enduring through the consumption of too much caffeine and snacks filled with sugar. Such sources can cause a cycle of “rising and crashing” that provides your body with too much energy and then none at all once it is fully consumed by the body.

However, there is a natural substance that provides plenty of energy throughout the day while also combating the effects of anxiety attacks. Oat straw has proven to be a very valuable source of good energy, improved physical performance and even supports the health of the mind as well.

What is Oat Straw?

Also called Avena sativa, oat straw comes from green oats and has been known to supply helpful materials to the body for hundreds of years. Since the Middle Ages, many people have consumed oat straw in various forms to help provide them with energy and good mental health that also reduces anxiety.

How exactly oat straw works is not very well known despite the fact that it seems to have a widespread effect on the body itself. Of the many different studies performed, the most interesting showed that oat straw increases the alpha-2 brainwaves which are generally more available during times when we are awake and moving about.

In addition, the amount of nitric oxide is increased in the bloodstream which helps suppress the cytokines in artery walls which can otherwise inflame and cause a decrease in blood flow. By keeping the blood flow higher while not accelerating the heart, people generally feel more alert and awake than they would otherwise.

One particular test with oat straw demonstrated that people taking cognitive tests were more alert and responsive which demonstrates the effect that this product has on the mind as well as the body. There have also been studies that show oat straw increases libido and overall sexual performance and may very well be the origin of the phrase “sew your wild oats”.

How Oat Straw Affects Anxiety

Because the mind is certainly affected by the additional blood flow, it also opens up the communications between the mind and body as well. This means that oat straw acts as a means to allow the body to restore balance and regain calmness faster and more easily. While oat straw does not prevent anxiety attacks from occurring, a diet that regularly consumes a small amount of oat straw each day can help reduce many types of anxiety attacks and when used with other natural substances such as magnesium glycinate for example can greatly reduce the effects of anxiety on the body.

Another advantage of oat straw is that it is relatively inexpensive whether purchased in its raw form or as a powder which can be used as a supplement. In fact, many people sprinkle a little oat straw powder on their meals to provide them with the product while eating breakfast or lunch.

Overall, oat straw is an excellent supplement for a healthy diet whether you suffer from anxiety attacks or not. However for those that do, consuming a regular amount of oat straw on a daily basis can significantly reduce the effects of anxiety on your body.

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