Using Sun Lamps for Seasonal Depression

There is a lot of beauty that surrounds life in the far northern and southern parts of the planet. Unique landscapes, beautiful mountains, and incredible interactions with wildlife are just the start of the pleasures that these environments provide people who live there every day. The hidden and often not talked about issue of living to the far north or south is that seasonal depression can quickly kick in during the winter months and leave people completely debilitated.

Without sunlight or with greatly reduced daylight hours, many people can become depressed simply because of the outdoor environment that surrounds them. If daylight is the issue, could sun lamps help treat those who suffer from seasonal depression?

Can Sun Lamps Be Used As a Light Box?

One of the first treatments that doctors will talk about for someone who suffers from seasonal depression is a light box. Light boxes can be used to mimic outdoor light with an installed sun lamp. With just 30 minutes of therapy each morning, life can get back to normal pretty quickly! You might also be prescribed a specific light box depending on what your health insurance may or may not cover. They can also be purchased over the counter and many have different features that may or may not be beneficial.

When looking at sun lamps, it is important to get one that works with light therapy for emotional needs instead of other needs. Some sun lamps are designed to treat skin conditions, for example, and so they’ll emit more ultraviolet light that could damage your eyes. Some sun lamps also burn at different wattage’s, which means you may need more or less time for your therapy session based on the quality of the lamp being used.

Should You Purchase an LED Sun Lamp?

Depending on your community, the tradition incandescent sun lamp may be illegal at the time of this writing. A typical variant would be to utilize a fluorescent bulb instead of the incandescent, but fluorescent bulbs can sometimes trigger migraines in people who are sensitive to them. For that reason, LED sun lamps make for a wise investment, even if they do tend to cost a little more. The added benefit of an LED lamp is that the light frequencies can be better tuned to meet specific needs.

If you don’t have the ability to sit still for 30 minutes or so to benefit from light therapy, then there are some portable sun lamps that are available that work just as well. One of the most unique lamps is a tiny one that clips to the bill of a baseball cap or a visor. You simply shine the light on your face as you go about your day and you get to experience all of the benefits of this light therapy for seasonal depression.

When the seasons change, your personality shouldn’t have to change with it. By using sun lamps, light boxes, and other forms of light therapy, you can get the help you need to feel like yourself whether it’s the depths of winter or the peak of summer. It’s easy to use, affordable, and is proven to work.

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