13 Major Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

NOTE: Today’s topic is not specific to “anxiety”. If you are dealing with any emotional issues – stress, loneliness, panic, depression, OCD and similar feelings, please make sure to look at the below info-graphic and to read my “Summary” section at the end.


Anxiety and similar related emotions (panic, depression, etc.) are on the rise these days compared to previous years. And all the medications and drugs are NOT helping! Why?…

Because we have a LOT more stress and pressure these days. A lot more to worry about.

Our lives have gotten more complicated, due to fast-moving technology.

However, over 20 years ago I realized that “emotional” issues (anxiety, panic, depression, OCD, sadness, etc.)  many times stem from GENETICS … And now, recent research has confirmed that it is 50% genetics (internal) and 50% environmental (external).

But don’t get discouraged and become hopeless thinking “oh well, nothing I can do”. At least now you know it’s not your fault (blame it on your parents ;-)!

Anyway… what does this mean for YOU, if you suffer from any of these problems?… and, what are your options?…

  1. Well, for one thing it does NOT mean that you can’t be happy or successful. It only means you need to be more aware of these situations and give more attention to this part of your life.
  2. You should NOT focus on yourself, but more on OTHER people. When we think about ourselves too much, we think about our problems, shortcomings, stresses, etc. It’s never a good thing. Better to focus on giving to other people and “serving”. Having short and long-term goals in life is very important.
  3. Take care of your health and improve your life-style. This means eat natural and healthy foods, exercise daily, get outside and see the sun. Interact with people, talk, touch, smile, laugh, hug and be HUMAN, not a machine that is indoors all day behind a computer (like I am doing right now 😉
  4. Take specific herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are clinically proven to help normalize your hormones, which can greatly reduce negative emotions and physical symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression and similar feelings.

I can talk about this topic a lot more and will do so in the future. But I have a very informative and short video about this topic that you should watch, if you’d like more details and how you can quickly “erase” your anxiety, panic and depression.

Remember – “you become what you think about” and you MUST focus on the good in life and what you DO have!… rather than the “bad” and what you do NOT have.

It’s always best to focus on the SOLUTIONS in life, rather than the “problems” … Wouldn’t you agree?