My Personal Experience With CBD Oil

CBD Oil is becoming increasingly popular for many health claims, especially since marijuana has been legalized in a few states. It's been said that there are no negative side effects and has many benefits ranging from helping you relax to alleviating cancer-related symptoms. If you want to try it out, do so by...

I Want To Be Happier & Confident

As you may know or have seen lately, the topic of CBD oil is becoming very popular. In fact, marijuana is a hot topic this past couple of years because it’s legalized in a few states.

I see AND smell people smoking and vaping pot a lot these days because I live in Los Angeles and it’s legal here. Plus, living close to Venice Beach, it’s just part of the culture.

In just the past year or two, it seems that everyone is selling CBD oil because it has so many *potential* health claims.


But, this is true with anything new. Lots of over-the-top health claims, never any negative side-effects, and then as more and more people use it over time, the feedback starts to build up and the REAL results come in.

Anyway, I bring up all of this because I’ve had a lot of people asking me about my personal thoughts on CBD and CBD oil.

And so, that’s what I’ll discuss today.

My Personal Background With Drugs

First, I’ve never smoked anything. Simply because at age 14, I had asthma and even when I tried to be “cool” and smoke cigarettes or marijuana, I couldn’t.

At that same time, I got into working out at that same age and I wanted to be healthy, eat right, take supplements, and so forth – so, I just never got into drugs. I didn’t want to take anything that would have a negative effect on my body and my health goals.

Which is good and I guess it all worked out.

Now, I have no issue or judgment with anyone doing drugs except for 3 important criteria:

  1. Don’t do it, if it’s going to hurt other people. This means, don’t get high or drunk and then go driving or do something stupid, which could harm someone else.
  2. Don’t do it if you can’t afford it and have other responsibilities – like family, kids, and so forth. Grow up and get your priorities straight.
  3. Don’t throw up near me or in my car!

And I mention all of this because after all is said and done and all the years of me saying “no to drugs” and not having any desire, the past year I decided to give CBD oil a try.

I’ve had 3 major CBD companies ask me to be on their board of advisors and as a medical advisor. But, I declined all of them because I have no experience with it and thus, I’m not going to lie or deceive people.

However, I did want to see what all the hype is about.

People have listed many benefits, such as

  • Pain relief and anti-inflammation
  • Reducing anxiety & depression
  • Alleviating cancer-related symptoms
  • Helping you relax
  • Insomnia

There are others and a lot of them are anecdotal. But for me, I wanted to give it a try for the sleeping properties.

As I’ve stated in the past, I’ve NEVER been a good sleeper. Even as a child. I’m a super light sleeper. My brain is always on and I’m thinking about things.

I’ve done meditation, writing my thoughts down, etc., etc.


This is just who I am.

Some people can sleep anywhere, anytime. And then, there’s me – everything has to be just perfect.

So for years, my favorite sleep formula was

What I like about the mixture of these 3 supplements is that I sleep well and most importantly, I wake up energized and NOT tired or groggy, unlike most sleeping products, pills, and drugs.

But I don’t do this every night. I do it about 4-5x a week. Like, 2 on and 1 off to prevent my body from adapting and the effects stop working.

So, I had a couple of friends tell me to use CBD oil to help me sleep and that’s what I did.

The stuff was expensive since I got the really good stuff.

I took the recommended dose, waited an hour, and felt nothing. I then took the same dose again, felt nothing. I then tripled the dose and still, I felt nothing.

I gave up and took my magnesium, melatonin, and ProVanax combo and finally fell asleep.

But I tried CBD oil again the next night at a much higher dose. Still nothing. I then took 10x the dose and I finally felt more relaxed and tired. But, I did wake up slow and sluggish in the morning.

Test It Yourself

So for me, it didn’t work. I experimented with different doses and I got a good brand that others liked and swore by.

However, it may work for you.

As with everything, you need to test it out on YOU.


For example, some people say they get amazing pain relief and others say, they feel nothing.

Of course, there’s also placebo effects.

However, the bottom line is IF you feel better, then take it. If you don’t, then stop.

The good thing about CBD oil is that it doesn’t have many negative effects.1 The most common are

  • Stomach problems, such as diarrhea
  • Increase in appetite and weight gain
  • Fatigue and just feeling slower and more tired

So, it’s worth giving it a test drive and seeing what benefits you may get out of it, since the negatives are very minor.

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I Want To Be Happier & Confident