What Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Causes Anxiety In 2024?

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Video Summary

Can a deficiency in specific vitamins or minerals actually CAUSE anxiety?… No, I don’t think so.

Your brain’s thought process and various hormones and neurotransmitters are what can cause anxiety. Of course, genetics plays a big role as well.

However, I do think that having optimal levels of certain vitamins and minerals, allows your body to cope and deal with feelings of anxiety or anxiousness, much better… As well as stress.

In fact, many studies show that specific nutrients can greatly reduce feelings of anxiety and improve your mood.


B vitamins can be very helpful – B6, B9 (also known as Folate – make sure you get the L-5 methyl version) and B12.

Vitamin D, which is technically a hormone and not a vitamin is extremely helpful. Take D3 + K2 together.


Magnesium is super important and one that many people are deficient in, especially women. One of the better forms is the Glycinate version of Magnesium.

Selenium is also important and low levels of it are linked to both depression and anxiety.

Of course, there are other herbs and specific fats that also help with feelings of anxiety and help support a healthy mood.

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