😴Best 3 Ways To Improve Sleep Naturally For 2023

YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep

Video Summary

Improving sleep is probably the #1 thing you should focus on.

Sleep is probably more important than diet and exercise because it optimizes your genetics and hormones!

If you want to get taller, build more muscle, or lose fat – having deep quality sleep is crucial.

There are 3 simple ways to improve your sleep:

  1. Get up early – ideally -when the sun goes up. If you sleep until noon you ruin your circadian rhythm.
  2. Get some sunlight – go out and get some sun on your face and body for at least 15 minutes. It will lower your cortisol and improve melatonin production.
    The best time to go to the gym is also early in the morning.
  3. Go to bed early – definitely before midnight. If you go past your sleep time, your cortisol will rise and melatonin will go down, which ruins your sleep.

If you have a hard time sleeping – I have a solution called Deep Sleep Formula – which will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper and longer.

You also need to lower your cortisol before bed – Stress Cortisol Relief is a great choice to do this naturally.

Utilize the above 2 solutions with the suggestions in this video and you’ll definitely have better quality and quantity of sleep!