💤 Can I Take Melatonin Every Night? Is It Safe In 2024

YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep

Melatonin, most commonly known as the “sleep hormone”, gets secreted at night, to help you sleep.

However, what most people don’t realize is that melatonin has so many other powerful anti-aging benefits.

Sadly, melatonin gets secreted less and less as we get older.

And these days, due to electronic devices, getting less sunlight, having more stress, and so forth, Melatonin gets secreted even less in most of us, including younger people.

Is It Safe To Take Melatonin Every Night?

FIRST, Melatonin is a hormone, so you have to be careful taking hormones because your body can adapt to them and they can have risks.

SECOND, the dosages you can get in supplements are all over the place and can get confusing. As low as 500 mcg or half an mg, to as much as 10 mg pills or higher?!!

THIRD, there have been studies testing over 30+ different melatonin products and shockingly, about 75% of them did NOT contain the correct amount listed on the label. Some even had levels 10X higher.

Puberty & Sexual Health

As far as risks, there have been studies showing that giving melatonin to children going through puberty, can negatively affect their sexual production. This is not set in stone, but I wouldn’t risk it for my kids.

Besides, children make plenty of melatonin and you should NOT be giving them this hormone, even if it’s over the counter.

Optimal Dosage

The higher the dose, the faster your body will adapt.

This is why it’s best to take melatonin with other sleep ingredients such as those to stimulate GABA, Serotonin, and so forth.

Also the higher the melatonin dose, the groggier you’ll feel in the morning.

Thus, less is more. Better to combine melatonin with other key, non-hormonal ingredients.

As far as the dose, I think up to 3 mg taken an hour before bed is the most one would need or should take.

Certified & Tested

Lastly, as stated earlier with the wrong dosages… You need to select a reputable brand that has their product 3rd party tested, USP verified, and has a certificate of analysis with every batch, to guarantee that the exact dose of melatonin on the label, is in the bottle.

Remember, hormones are powerful and so is melatonin. Just because it’s over the counter, doesn’t mean any dose is safe.


Melatonin can certainly help aid in your deep, quality sleep, especially when combined with other ingredients.

You can take it nightly, but I suggest taking off maybe 1 or 2 days a week.

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