I Keep Ruining My Sleep!? [So Tired Today!]

YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep

Video Summary

If you have sleeping problems you need to make better sleeping rituals.

You can do that with a couple of simple changes to your daily routine:

  1. Go outside first thing in the morning and get some sun. It “resets’ your inner clock
  2. Avoid coffee or caffeine drinks at least 6 hours before bed
  3. Exercise regularly, but try to do it during the day
  4. Try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule
  5. Go to sleep when you are tired
  6. Keep the lights dark or dimmed in the evening
  7. Try writing a journal – it will help stop your mind from racing in the night
  8. Try to avoid big meals in the evening
  9.  A nice, hot bath can also help you relax
  10.  Take natural supplements to improve your sleep quality, and help you get asleep faster and sleep longer.

Give sleep a priority, because it is an essential part of your health and longevity.