⚰️ This May Be The #1 Killer & It Has Become An Epidemic In 2024

"YES - Decrease MY Stress & Cortisol"

Video Summary

These days when someone asks me what the #1 killer is, I tell them – STRESS.

In fact, the World Health Organization has stated that stress has become an epidemic in 2024.

Stress Can Be Beneficial

Stress has many benefits and it’s required for survival.

When you get emotionally stressed or need to physically run away from something – your body’s stress levels shoot up to PROTECT you. For example, your…

  • Blood sugar increases so your brain and muscles can react faster
  • Blood pressure goes up to give you more power and oxygen
  • Your adrenaline and similar “fight or flight” hormones shoot up to get you super focused and stronger
  • Your blood clots much faster if you get cut or injured

But Being Stressed Every Day?!…

Now, this is fine if it was acute. Means, once in a while.

Unfortunately, we are stressed out all day long in modern society.

You feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Which is very stressful.

We don’t relax….

We don’t enjoy the outdoors or “alone” time…

We don’t eat well.

And all of this makes getting proper sleep quantity and quality very difficult, which further increases stress hormones.

Chronic State Of Stress

Most of us are in a CHRONIC state of stress and THIS is the problem.

This means that the temporary stress-related “fight or flight” mechanism is now happening all day long.

We are in survival mode all the time.

Stress does kill and it accelerates aging.

It’s linked to most health problems – mentally and physically.

And things are only getting worse.

So, What’s The Solution?

You can’t stop stressful situations and we can’t change the world.

However, you CAN make minor changes in your lifestyle, that will make BIG improvements in lowering your stress, which will make dramatic improvements in your health, fitness, and longevity.

With that said, I want you to continue and watch the next video entitled “10 Best Clinically Proven Ways To Naturally Lower Stress & Cortisol Levels”.

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