Fad Diets Pros and Cons

It seems at the beginning of every year millions of people go on diets to lose that extra weight they packed on during the holidays. It also seems that every year there are new fad diets that are being offered as well which promise to shed the weight quickly and easily. The fad diet can rightfully be called an institution, especially in America where there seems to be an entire industry built around the idea that excess fat can be lost quickly and safely just for the price of the program.

What is the Fad Diet?

A fad diet does not describe the actual diet per say, but instead describes its popularity among the public. When a new diet program is introduced and gains recognition, it will almost always fade after a time in terms of its status. Thus the term “fad” diet to describe how it was once so popular, but now it is rather passé.

There have been many different types of fad diets in terms of how they address losing weight, but practically all of them are built on the idea of losing excess fat very quickly, allowing someone to slim down in just a few months so that they can be ready for the summer. Generally speaking, they are not designed as a permanent eating plan, just one that will shed the fat until the person is ready to go back on a normal eating routine.

The Pros of Fad Diets

Despite their short-lived nature and general reputation, there are some advantages to fad diets in which a certain section of the population may very well benefit.

Fast Weight Loss:
When following directions, most fad diets will help you to lose weight especially early on. For those who are an extra few pounds overweight, this can be a simple, quick way to lose the excess fat.

Focus on the Body:
If anything, fad diets help people focus on their own health and well being even if the diet itself is not successful. For many, the failure of the fad diet causes them to reconsider their eating habits and change to a healthier eating lifestyle.

The Cons of Fad Diets

Despite the fact that most fad diets will actually help people to lose weight, there are some significant issues with how they work.

Water Weight:
Most of the weight lost through fad diets is water weight and not body fat. This means that you will gain the weight back quickly after you switch back to a normal eating routine.

The Yo-Yo Cycle:
Engaging in different fad diets over the years causes the body to “yo-yo” in weight which may be more dangerous to the health than simply being overweight. The strain put on the body from losing and gaining a significant amount of weight every year can be considerable.

The bottom line is that if you only need to lose five to ten pounds, then selecting a fad diet may be a good choice. However, if you have more weight to lose, then you should avoid fad diets and instead stick to a healthy eating plan that you can live with for the rest of your life.

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