Paleo Diet Pros and Cons

You have probably heard of the Paleo diet which many people around the world have tried to lose unwanted fat by reverting to the diets of our pre-historic ancestors. The actual concept of the Paleo diet has been around for decades, but the actually use of it has only really increased significantly since the turn of the 21st century.

However, the Paleo diet has come under some criticism for its very restrictive nature when it comes to the type of food that can be consumed. So, is the Paleo diet the right one for your needs?

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is one that is based on consuming unprocessed foods. Essentially, foods that existed before the time agriculture was developed. These foods include meat, fruits and vegetables that are naturally grown and without the use of processed products.

Although there has been some criticism that the foods available to pre-historic peoples was actually broader than the Paleo diet allows, it is true that people who consume this diet generally feel better and tend to shed the excess weight from their bodies.

However, is the diet really as effective as advertised? There are certainly some advantages and disadvantages to the Paleo Diet.

The Pros of the Paleo Diet

Understanding the Diet: Basically, if it comes in a package, then you don’t eat it. This makes the Paleo diet one of the easiest to understand and follow.

Low in Salt, Sugar & Unhealthy Fats: Although some of the fruits and vegetables have sugar in them, they are not the processed kind that puts fat on the body.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables: This is a diet that emphasizes both so that you get to enjoy their healthy benefits. Plus, it will reduce your LDL cholesterol count as well as helping to prevent heart disease.

Healthy Fats: One of the biggest advantages to those who consume fish for example is the plentiful healthy fats which can raise HDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

The Cons of the Paleo Diet

However, not everything about the Paleo diet is great. In fact, it does have some considerable negatives that people will have to consider before taking up the diet.

Too Restrictive: Arguably the biggest issue that most people have with the diet is that it is simply too restrictive and they grow tired of eating essentially the same types of foods. The lack of variety can be difficult to maintain in anyone’s diet.

No Legumes: Beans and legumes are actually quite healthy and work very well for those who want a protein substitute for the meats in the Paleo diet. However, they are not part of the diet program and are discouraged.

Expense: This may be the biggest drawback as finding all-natural fresh products is generally more expensive that standard diets. The cost of grass-fed beef and salmon caught in the wild are considerable and may be beyond your normal budget for meals.

The Paleo diet is not the easiest one to follow as it is quite restrictive and can be expensive also. However, for those who are good at cooking up different types of meals out of the relatively limited supply that the Paleo diet provides, it can be quite healthy for you.

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