Pros and Cons of Sensa Diet

There are certainly many different types of diet programs out there, but none are quite like the Sensa program. If anything, this may be the easiest weight loss system ever invented given that there are no restrictions to the foods that you want to eat.

It’s little wonder that the Sensa diet has gained an enormous amount of interest in the past few years for its simple, straightforward approach. For many, this is the type of diet that they have been waiting for because they can eat what they want, just not quite as much as before.

What is the Sensa Diet?

Basically, you sprinkle crystals on whatever you are eating which is suppose to help fill you up faster so that you do not consume as much food. The principle of the diet program is quite simple in that you will need to have the Sensa around for any meal that you consume. However, over time you will eat fewer calories because you will stop eating sooner.

The Pros of the Diet

There are several pros to recommend the diet. First and foremost it is dirt simple to follow. All you need to do is carry a shaker of Sensa with you wherever you go. Whenever you order a meal or cook at home, just sprinkle the crystals over your meal and start eating.

Another advantage is that the ingredients in Sensa are safe to consume and each ingredient is approved by the FDA so it should not cause any side effects. In fact, you might be consuming most, if not all the ingredients on a regular basis in the foods that you do eat.

Plus, the biggest pro of the diet is probably the fact that you can eat what you want. There are no restrictions on your diet. However, it would probably be wise to start eating healthier foods if you want to get the most out of what you consume.

The Cons of the Diet

The fact is Sensa sounds too good to be true because it is in a real sense. If you do not change your diet, you will not start losing weight even if you eat somewhat smaller portions. A good diet program encourages you to choose better foods so that you can start slimming down and losing the excess fat. This one does not.

In addition, the science behind the diet is not really all that well understood and there are few proper studies that show whether it really works or not. In fact, the product itself may be unnecessary because you can achieve the same results simply by reducing your portions.

Finally, the cost of the product is roughly $60 per month so it is not cheap and if it is not working then you will certainly have wasted your money.

What To Take Away

The interesting thing about Sensa is that it is not weight loss medication, it is simply a filler product designed to get you to eat less by making you feel fuller. Because of the focus of the product, there are no side effects which make it virtually unlike any other diet product.

However, there is no evidence to show that this product really works. In fact, you may be better off just cutting down on how much you eat which is the same thing and it’s free.

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