Tummy Tuck Pros and Cons

The tummy tuck is a common surgical procedure which is especially designed for women who have undergone either several pregnancies or have endured great fluctuations in weight that has caused an excess of skin to develop over their mid-section. The condition may happen in men as well if they lost a dramatic amount of weight quickly which has now allows the skin to properly contract.

The tummy tuck itself is really just a means of getting rid of the excess skin. However, there are procedures that will actually shore up the abdominal section as well. The real question is whether the tummy tuck is suitable for everyone as there are benefits and complications that those who choose the operation will need to consider.

What Are the Pros of a Tummy Tuck?

Once your doctor approves, you can augment your new appearance with vigorous exercise that will strengthen the mid-section even more and create a very flattering appearance. For many, it is much easier to start an exercise program where the starting point is so much closer to the desired result.

Confidence Improvement:
Arguably the biggest benefit from a tummy tuck is the boost in confidence you will receive when sporting your new look. By getting rid of the excess skin, you will certain be more confident in appearance. While the surgery will take some time to properly heal, you will still see almost instant results from the procedure. Your skin is tighter, the cellulite and stretch marks are virtually gone and even if some scarring shows, it will usually not be as noticeable or considered as unattractive the condition that you had before the procedure.

What Are the Cons of a Tummy Tuck?

As with any surgical procedure there is the small risk of something going wrong during the surgery itself. However, there are other issues that you will need to consider as well.

Depending on the extent of the tummy tuck, the scarring may be minimal or quite noticeable. What is certain is that there will be a scar from the operation, it will just depend in large part on its location and how discreet it can be made. For example, a scar that runs across the abdomen may remain below the line where swimsuits reach so a bikini is still possible to wear. However, other types of scars may be more prominent and less likely to remain hidden.

As with any cosmetic or elective surgery, these tend to become rather expensive and will range between $3,000 up to $10,000 depending on just how extensive the surgery turns out to be. The good news is that many surgeons have financing options that will help you pay for the procedure, but it still is rather expensive as it costs as much as a decent used vehicle.

Overall, the tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that offers a tighter, more attractive mid-section that gets rid of the flabby, unattractive appearance of stretch marks and excess skin. For many, it is the type of procedure that offers many benefits that outweigh the potential risks.

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