Using Lauki Juice for Weight Loss

Lauki juice, which comes from the bottle gourd, has long been part of traditional Indian cuisine. The rest of the world is beginning to enjoy what this waxy green vegetable can provide when juiced, however, because it is believed to provide a number of health benefits. It is a water vegetable, composed of 96% water, so it is perfect for juicing. It’s also rich in Vitamin B and C, as well as iron and potassium.

That’s just the start of the benefits that come with each glass of Lauki juice. It also promotes weight loss by curbing your appetite! Supplement the juice with some slices of fresh Lauki and you’ll have an amazing weight loss journey. You’ll also get to experience these additional 7 benefits.

1. Digestion Regulation.

Lauki juice helps to create more internal regularity because of its high moisture and fiber content. It treats constipation very effectively with the added fiber and it reduces the bloated feeling that can come when you eat too many fruits or vegetables at one time.

2. It Cools the Body

Lauki juice also provides a cooling relief when your body is overheated. It’s not just able to replenish hydration that is lost from sweat. This juice also can help to reduce the heated inflammation that can occur when certain foods are eaten in excess and aid in their digestion afterward.

3. It Flushes Bacteria

For those who are prone to urinary tract infections, Lauki juice can create the conditions that help to flush it out. If you mix Lauki juice with cranberries, you’ll be able to flush the bacteria out quickly that are causing the UTI. It generally takes 48-72 hours to find relief. A teaspoon of lime juice is nice to add as well.

4. It Creates Deeper Sleep

Lauki juice has been known to help with chronic insomnia. When mixed with a little sesame oil, this juice will have you falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer every single night.

5. It Keeps You Hydrated

Lauki juice is unique because it will keep you hydrated, yet flush out the extra water that your body might be retaining for some reason. Whether you’re feeling sick or you’ve just had a tough workout, this juice will replace your lost hydration naturally. It also helps to control the extreme thirst that some diseases, particularly diabetes, can cause in people without spiking blood sugar levels.

6. It Helps the Heart

Lauki juice also helps to regulate blood pressure, which can then reduce the chances of heart disease and other stress related elements over time. All it takes is one glass of juice in the morning to experience the benefits for the remainder of the day.

7. It Reduces Inflammation

Whether you’ve had an injury or your liver is just tired of processing the alcohol you’ve been giving it, the inflammation properties of Lauki juice are outstanding. If you drink 3 glasses of juice throughout the day, you can keep unwanted swelling at bay, feel better, and even have more energy to get through the toughest of days.

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