Using Yogasana for Weight Loss

It may seem somewhat strange at first that yoga or “yogasana” can help you lose weight. The moves in yoga are designed for precision and stretching, not for fast action or the typical weight burning exercises that traditional aerobics brings. Nor is yogasana akin to resistance exercises of lifting weights that helps build muscle tissue and burns the away the fat as well.

Yet it is true for many thousands of people around the world that yoga is a viable weight loss alternative that is helping people take away the excess pounds and keeping it off as well.

How does Yogasana Work?

The key to the exercises involved in yoga start with the fact that you are combining holding different poses and breathing properly at the same time. While seemingly slow in nature, the fact that you have to concentrate to hold the right pose causes the body to burn more calories as a result. Putting your muscles into the effort of just holding a particular pose takes energy which means that your body starts to tap what is available in order to achieve a particular pose correctly.

Breathing properly helps oxygenate the blood so that it can then tap the resources needed to hold a pose for a particular length of time. This is why aerobics works well for many people because as long as the proper breathing is observed, the body can then tap more of its energy reserves to accomplish the task at hand.

The Advantages of Yogasana for the Body

There are certainly many benefits from doing this set of exercises when done properly. All it takes is a little focus and concentration that can be achieved either by attending yoga classes or alone in your residence.

Inexpensive: You do not need any special equipment, weights or even shoes to do yoga. All you really need is a mat to be comfortable, clothes that stretch with you and the space to do all the proper poses. As long as you follow the steps correctly, this is arguably one of the most inexpensive ways to help you lose weight.

Accessible: Another great advantage is that yoga is accessible to all ages and fitness conditions. Even those who are limited in their movements can still benefit from undergoing this process. Proper yoga is slow, steady and will eventually bring more mobility and strength to the inner core of the body. So, age and financial limitation are no issue when it comes to enjoying the benefits of yoga.

Effectiveness: While the main effect of yoga is to help make the body thinner, it also helps burn away the excess fat as well. Over time, yogasana makes for an effective way to help the body burn the fat, especially when combined with healthy eating practices.

Yogasana is a good first step towards losing excessive weight, but you will need to combine it with good, healthy eating in order to help your body burn away the fat. For those who practice yoga, it has been a remarkable tool in helping them slim down and maintain their mobility.

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